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  • 49.
    Jim Hawkins's diary

    every boy grew up must go to the sea
    home sick, mother's warm embraces to me
    Lily, I love you please just wait for me

    waving shades of the sails speak silent words to me
    father, now you can be proud of me I went to the sea
    I wrote in my diary 'Jim Hawkins went to the sea
    for the seagulls can fish accompanied only by me'

    I met John Silver and he was with a wooden leg
    the sea scent was coming out of his hair form a distant ship
    Silver was a seafaring man with a red-green parrot
    Silver was the only man, Flint feared the most

    Flint was a captain of a vessel with six men crew
    murdered all six of the crew and left them to shape
    outstretched arms pointing to his prime treasure
    the ancient captain sent them to Davy Jones' locker

    'Darby M Graw, fetch aft the rum'
    Flint has died at a home Pirate's inn
    if he brought the pleasure into sin
    the vulture is to be dead within

    fifteen men all died for a dead man's chest

    Silver, I have been to the treasure island (said Jim)
    thee have to find it's mysterious home land (said Silver)
    Billy told me to search the treasure island (said Jim)
    thee have to find me at the home land (said Silver)

    old mate I long for you and thy wisdom (said Silver)
    Silver, thee received their black symptom (said Jim)
    captain, together we will reach Flint's kingdom (said Silver)
    Billy has died because he received the black symptom (said Jim)

    fifteen men all died for a dead man's chest. read more »

  • 50.
    Mother's Hair Has Turned To Silver

    Mother's hair has turned to silver
    Her skin is all wrinkled and cold
    But i'd never trade my mother
    For the world and all its gold. Yes her hair has turned to silver read more »

  • 51.
    The Sacrifice

    I loved all three
    of my silver
    threepenny bits
    especially the shiny one read more »

  • 52.
    Beauty of the Moon and the Sea

    Tonight is such so lovely
    for I am sailing in the middle of the sea
    ocean is, the thing i see
    a good source of light, the moon shall be read more »

  • 53.
    Night Song

    There's a nightingale singing from a tree in the woods
    And his voice slices through the chilly air;
    The silver coated fox stops and listens to the song
    As she pokes her pretty nose out of her lair. read more »

  • 54.
    Seeds and soil

    Rabindranath Tagore was born
    With a silver spoon in the mouth.
    He got connections and the Nobel Prize.
    Subramini Bharathi was born read more »

  • 55.
    I Write About

    I write about

    Fairy tales
    golden rings read more »

  • 56.
    'Fairy Wings On My Glasses

    The golden sun of the morning
    turned into a silver shine in the sky
    forming fairy wings on my glasses
    and fairy wings in my eyes read more »

  • 57.

    Your immaculate portrait
    In silver and gold touches
    The soul of my stressed self
    In the wee hour of the day. read more »

  • 58.
    Where's The Silver?

    Colors, colors everywhere
    Colors all around

    Reds and purples and blues are there read more »

  • 59.
    Atthan Dances - From

    The silver of the lyre
    Cries, and thy silver feet
    Like living flowers repeat
    Thy body's silver fire. read more »

  • 60.
    Haiku on David McLansky's 'Smoking My Pipe At The Window'

    read more »

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