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One1five5five5 - Poem by Charles Hice



Private Hice


Sir Walter Raleigh was a turn coat. He turned his clean coat down in the rain the muck puddle browned his lapels and he frowned ah but he did it all for love. The lady stomped the thing clean down in the ground she did a little dance in his face to prance somehow to just pretend that she was in the human race and off they went together to the town. Let's see what Private Hice discovered then. He was a member of the British Army enclandestined as a SPY for Uncle Sam in the act of growing old pretending to be a entry NO ewe it was a sentry on duty when the melee approached the eye. Martin Landau always stood out underneath his make up eye could usually tell where he was at and who he had become. American. Eye was in Tank Training as a Turret Repairman please do not laugh when they gave me my MOS eye argued with the instructors thinking just like most people eye thought it was bogus that they just had made it up to have a laugh at my expensive clothing. The pants were the same ones for the whole seven not nine months eye was there. The 45K20 was mine and class was starting. The questions were given on index cards in the form of multiple questions. Eye answered all of the questions each and everyone of them correctly some of them were visual aided. They showed me a picture of a tank and asked me was it A. French B. Russian C. American D. Other. It was very easy to pick a Russian tank from one of ours. A little harder to tell a French version. The other ones were easiest of all. When the coarse was over eye had earned 100@ and a Large Silver Trophy Cup real Silver ewe with a glass bottom you could see into and up from while drinking beers unending in those days. In the good old days as iff eye was newhearted bobbing for apples in the Newfoundland. The Patriot Hice was sitting in his leotards watching the pictures of the horses come up on his lap top Toshiba. The questions were multiple questions. Which one A b or d. The man was uncanny in his resemblances taking after his ancestored mee as he got every answer correct the livery of the English saddle horned was low profile as they all sat sidesaddled. He only wished that the ale was not grog for they had watered it down a bit too much it had no kick all the Hices were alcoholic. When it was over they gave him a Silver Challis Cupp worth 75P and some they filled it up with milk still cold from the cow. How can you tell iff the horse is British or one of ours? The instructors were dumfounded when eye answered them at Kentucky as well when both Hices told them eye have been playing ARMY since eye was a child there is nothing that eye do not knoe about the field.

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