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  • 349.
    The One With A Silver Thorn (By Mimi C Mata)

    With insubordinate step;
    You go looking onward
    across your pastures...
    Where restless roses
    lay their heads.

    You see that she is no other
    than the rose
    with a silver thorn.

    You know the one
    that frightens you,
    when you wish to gather
    her magnificence
    in your hands...

    velvet petals; trembling
    rolling off to shiver
    in other distances...

    Submerging her fragrant fragments
    in one of the cold lakes
    that drown her merciless dreams
    for a voice.

    You ponder:
    and have lost the peripheral
    vision in dire quest
    for another soul to touch...

    And you ask,
    Have I fallen in love
    with the one with a silver thorn?

    And suddenly your darkness pauses
    As all the stars shut their eyes...
    Every so often blinking
    in thoughtful precaution
    for the blinded steps that you make,

    Towards the one with a silver thorn...

    They are silent
    they have no answer
    they do not know
    they do not understand...

    Forget their gestures
    of leaving you...

    For a single thought
    twilights a profound desire
    for the drowning muddled fate
    that beckons...

    She awaits;
    the one with the silver thorn...

    'Forget about the blood sacrificed
    for her soul has already died'...

    The stars say...

    So you jump with unsteady feet
    into the mysterious cold lake
    to save the one whose stem
    your heart wishes to clench...

    The one with the silver thorn

    Suddenly your darkness pauses
    and all the stars shut their eyes
    no longer blinking...

    They have left you,

    They are silent
    they have no answer
    they do not know
    they do not understand...

    How your heart wishes to clench
    with desire with love
    the stem of the one...

    With the silver thorn. read more »

  • 350.
    The Fairy Clock

    Silver clock! O silver clock! tell to me the time o' day!
    Is there yet a little hour left for us to work and play? read more »

  • 351.
    A Show, A Musician, A Poet, Actor And A Paper Thin Audience

    The silver man stands,
    Frozen to the corner,
    Shifting a crystal ball wild,
    His hands pull the strings. read more »

  • 352.
    Lady Chapel

    read more »

  • 353.
    Poetic Symphony

    the caressing sound
    of my silver fountain pen
    draws moving pictures read more »

  • 354.
    Silver [color series]

    streaks of silver
    Flashes past my eyes
    Never knew
    It was so quick read more »

  • 355.

    read more »

  • 356.
    Haiku (regarding a snail trail)

    silver ellipsis
    scribed upon the sidewalk's gray
    a snail signature read more »

  • 357.

    Softly falling
    Gently dropping
    Silver rain read more »

  • 358.

    The allure of the silver twilight burns like a fire in the soul.
    The silver twilight is a very fragile light.
    And fragile wishes desire distant smiles.
    Into the dark unknown that hides the hidden war. read more »

  • 359.
    a moonlit walk

    I walk along the wet beach,
    watching the waves twist and die
    the moon shines brightly in the star- studded sky
    I walk upon the wet sand, my footprints trail behind read more »

  • 360.
    The Other World page one

    The next dimension,
    The invisible place,
    The home of spirits, read more »

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