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Poems About: SILVER

In this page, poems on / about “silver” are listed.

  • 229.
    A Single Snowflake

    One among billions
    Unique silver crystal
    In a turquoise sky read more »

    Paul Holmes
  • 230.
    Waiting for You....

    Countless strangers keep on moving ahead
    To reach, but no permission granted
    Like waves in the ocean floor
    To kiss the shore read more »

    Aminath Neena
  • 231.
    Lady Silver Hair

    I am a Phantom of the opera
    My breeze it unties the air
    I have blue whispered vison's
    And some very long silver hair read more »

    Theodora (Theo) Onken
  • 232.
    #212 Haiku Silver In The Sky

    Day of silver bliss
    Angels parade in the sky
    Smiles glisten below read more »

    Dorothy (Alves) Holmes
  • 233.
    Hear the Fortune

    Hear him on the road while he sleeps,
    On a street of simplicity, and a beggar weeps.

    Hear his tears as they fall, like a manager of money, read more »

    Naveed Akram
  • 234.

    The allure of the silver twilight burns like a fire in the soul.
    The silver twilight is a very fragile light.
    And fragile wishes desire distant smiles.
    Into the dark unknown that hides the hidden war. read more »

    Rachelle Sowders
  • 235.
    Silent Night

    Silence...they say...
    Is golden...but I saw
    Just a glint or two
    Of silver there as well... read more »

    Scarlett Treat
  • 236.
    Blue Gold Sky

    Blue gold sky
    Your fire is burning
    Horizon questions why
    Your evening is yearning read more »

    Peter S. Quinn
  • 237.
    What's With Needing Titles For All My Poems, Eh?

    brighter days in waning brilliance
    it's story told he slips back over the edge
    giving way to the centre stage
    famous nights and brightest lights read more »

    Sebastien St. Fellmore
  • 238.
    Jack Frost

    Silver Jack Frost glistens,
    Like snow on a mountain top,
    His chilly white icicles shimmer,
    As they take over the grass stems, read more »

    Jess Sinnamon
  • 239.
    My Heart Holds The Gold

    Looking back upon my my life
    as I enter this silver valley I can
    trully be thankfull for each and
    every avenue of travel that I read more »

    Bonnie Collins
  • 240.
    The wonder of a Christmas tree

    There’s something about a Christmas tree
    With twinkling lights and bulbs to see
    Tinsel flowing, like angles hair
    The scent of pine that fills the air read more »

    Rhonda Baker
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