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Poems About: SICK

In this page, poems on / about “sick” are listed.

  • 49.
    got sick

    when you left me
    i got sick

    got really sick read more »

  • 50.
    Carrot & Stick

    So, Greece is out of money?
    It'd make you sick,
    It makes me sick.
    Now Germany is supposed to pay read more »

    Neil Milliner
  • 51.
    Soo Sick Of Being Sick

    to be honest you make me wanna puke
    you me soo sick,
    its very hard to love you
    man... i dont even understand you read more »

    brenda smith
  • 52.
    Arms Wide

    man am i sick of this drama comin out so quick
    man am i sick of this s**t thats tryna stick
    man yeah im sick but i dont care
    i said that if you needed a hand id be there read more »

    David Wilson
  • 53.
    It Makes Me Sick

    It makes me sick
    to think it was all a lie.

    It makes me sick read more »

    Haley Smith
  • 54.
    Im Sick

    Im sick of being continuosly alone
    everything i love turns or fade away
    as if the highest price for me hadnt been paid
    Im sick of being told Im way too young read more »

    Rachel BaByBeAr Anderson
  • 55.

    im so sick of you
    and your dirty lies
    im so sick of you
    purposly making me cry read more »

    Te'Keyah Draughn
  • 56.
    to young

    i'm so sick of hearing
    i'm to young
    i can't love and hate and
    feel anything read more »

    Scarred Unknown
  • 57.
    Little Dick And The Clock

    When Dicky was sick
    In the night, and the clock,
    As he listened, said 'Tick-
    Atty--tick-atty--tock!' read more »

    James Whitcomb Riley
  • 58.
    silent alarm

    its dreams
    they're never what they seem. read more »

    Adrian Carrillo
  • 59.
    i'm so sick! (10/18/2009)

    I'm so sick
    of everyone wanting me to do everything
    I'm so sick
    of people massing with my heart. read more »

    juggalette Tiffany ann
  • 60.
    Real World

    I'm depressed, sick of life
    sick of people, sick of them
    sick of college, sick of my past
    sick of this world and i'm sick of read more »

    tristan loveday
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