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Poems About: SICK

In this page, poems on / about “sick” are listed.

  • 25.
    Why Do I Be -new-

    Sick of being
    Sick of pretending
    Sick of waking up
    Sick of lying in bed read more »

    ..c ..r
  • 26.
    OH! I can't SAY that....(a revision)

    I'm sick of f\%king Facebook,
    sick of emails,
    sick of people talking,
    sick of my work radio beeping, read more »

    Brevet Wilson
  • 27.
    sick i am...

    i am sick...please don`t be sad...
    i am sick...please don`t tell anyone... read more »

    hazem al jaber
  • 28.

    im sick of pretending its all perfect, tired of living a lie; sick of loving you, tired of the tears i cry. im sick of giving you my love
    tired of getting nothing in return; sick of all these other girl, tired of being unable to learn. im sick of running back to you tired of returning hurt; sick of your stupid act, tired of being treated like dirt
    sick of living this life, tired of being blue,
    sick of thoughts about giving up, tired of the stupid things i do to try to get close to you read more »

    octavia wilson
  • 29.
    Sick and Tried My Poem

    Ani hill Wit Christian Guice
    Sick And Tired read more »

    christian guice
  • 30.

    sick of it..
    im so sick of it
    im sick of waking up in the morning.
    im sick of you saying im nothing, read more »

    cheylayna bear
  • 31.
    I Am Sick......

    i am sick of your justice...
    sick of dead bodies strewn,
    sick of your bursts of gunfire,
    and your bombs without conscience. read more »

    Eric Cockrell
  • 32.
    I'm sick of you

    Can’t you tell I’m sick of you?
    If you can’t let me make it straight,
    I’m sick of having this debate,
    I’m sick of being the friend you come to when you’re bored, read more »

    courtney helm
  • 33.

    Sick of talking to myself
    Sick of offing on myself
    Sick of getting pissed about things I missed
    While I was getting punished for myself read more »

    Elle Jay E..
  • 34.
    I'm Not Sick, I'm Just Sick of You

    I'm not sick, I'm fine
    I'm just sick of you
    I'm sick of your outrageous lies
    I'm sick of how you act when you're not around me read more »

    Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer
  • 35.
    Over The Top

    I told you: There is such a thing as too much of a good thing
    Over the top, to the nines, overdrive.
    It could have been so good
    Yet, you blew it. read more »

    June FeirCruz
  • 36.
    I'm Sick And Tired

    I'm sick and tired of being trained
    To only love the things you’ve stained

    I'm sick and tired of leaving behind read more »

    Payyton Egerstaffer
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