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Poems About: SICK

In this page, poems on / about “sick” are listed.

  • 13.
    Tired of living a lie

    I 'Am sick of all the crying
    I 'am sick of not knowing
    I'am sick of not showing
    I' am sick, of people read more »

    Maria Luisa Taylor
  • 14.

    i'm sick
    of being myself
    i'm sick
    of my own flesh read more »

    NoT American
  • 15.
    Sick and Tired

    Im sick and tired of the lies you told me.
    Sick and tired of what you want me to be.
    Sick and tired of the way we live.
    Sick and tired Im in such a dread. read more »

    Ebony Tesfay
  • 16.
    I'm so sick- Flyleaf (lyrics)

    I will break into your thoughts
    With what's written on my heart
    I will break, break read more »

    Cynthia DeMoines
  • 17.
    am i askin 4 2much

    am sick of people actin with me like a child
    am sick of not letting me do wt i want
    am sick of not letting me say my opinion
    am sick every day and every moment read more »

    naz nen
  • 18.
    im so sick

    ll break into your thoughts
    With what's written on my heart
    I will break, break read more »

    cherry Tucker
  • 19.

    I'm sick of the bullshit
    The rumors and lies
    The rot and decay
    And the swarm of black flies read more »

    Anonymous Ghurl
  • 20.
    Sick of Being Sick

    I’m sick of being rejected;
    I’m sick of being emotionally neglected;
    I’m sick of crying so many tears;
    I’m sick of running away from my fears; read more »

    Shelby Brockway
  • 21.
    More Than Just A Fight

    We fought,
    It hurt,
    He's mad,
    I'm sad, read more »

    Mandy Author2
  • 22.
    Sick In The Mind

    I'm sick of these people.
    I'm sick of these places.
    I'm sick of the looks of disgust on their faces.
    I'm sick of the pills. read more »

    natalie farnsworth
  • 23.

    Sick of everyone looking at me like i crazy
    when it is them that is really sick
    they act like nothing is wrong and get mad when i show my feeling
    please dont hate me you sick child read more »

    taquise jones
  • 24.
    Sick Of It All

    Im sick of it all
    every single thing you do it drvies me crazy
    Im sick of the way you look at me with those bright blue eyes
    Im sick of the way you make me feel read more »

    Kayhla Kinney
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