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  • 313.
    September Girl

    My September girl is a master of her own inner Sanctum.
    Her beauty is paralyzing to onlookers, who never seen that side of her continent.

    My September girl gave me all of her love, soul, body and attention.
    She will always be a treasure in this man's heart.
    Her beauty is art and when she would leave, he would ask where is thou art?

    My September girl has an inner door, that can only be opened by a special key.

    This key he did not obtain, for this chorus was, and is still in his mind, and brain.

    Never can be to intoxicated off of her love, for she is like wine, and spirits, that never left a hangover.

    My September girl comes from March, which can be seen as Mar's, for her visage was alien to me. What can I see when I look in her soul?

    My September girl is Godly and deep. When she was with me she was asleep.

    Now that she awoke from that cloud of smoke,
    she realized her uncanny potential, her uncanny soul, and spoke of a dream where she was as sweet as September. read more »

  • 314.
    Six Months Past

    September 11th is now six months past
    And the events of that day will forever last
    Sometimes it seems like a lifetime ago
    When our safe little world we ceased to know read more »

  • 315.
    September is The Yellow Month

    September’s a month full with yellow days
    Awash in tiny butterflies, a dancing yellow haze
    That flutters constantly above long rows of yellow maize
    While graceful flowers follow the sun with their steady, yellow gaze read more »

  • 316.
    ~September Dreamers

    Eyes ache as September
    blows his way through,
    Spreading a fever
    around all heartbeats true. read more »

  • 317.
    Paper Rain

    From miles above
    poured the paper rain read more »

  • 318.
    First Postcard from Iraq

    My heart bends
    with every sway
    of the date palms,
    their fruit bearing read more »

  • 319.
    Celestial Sapphire

    Celestial sapphire
    Indigo as the heavens
    Mystic teal
    As the watery deep read more »

  • 320.
    One Cold Night In September

    read more »

  • 321.
    Never Forget

    Never forget

    We will always remember
    The eleventh of September, read more »

  • 322.
    September in my Mind

    The smell of September fills the air
    and dredges up memories once captured there.
    The nip of daybreak, the moist, morning smell,
    spurns forth memories from dormant dwell. read more »

  • 323.
    Sweet September

    Your timing,
    was undeniable.
    That day in sweet September.
    In the shadow of night fall... read more »

  • 324.
    9/11 September 11

    in remembrance of the people who have lost their lives on a dreadful day
    this wont be so much of a poem, but I've got something to say

    On September 11th people all over the world will remember that day. So much violence and hatred in this world. It is so unfair to the parents who had to endure this day knowing their child iss somewhere else than with you at a time like this. It is also unfair to the people who died because of people's careless acts. September will always be a day of silence for me. Knowing that my parent got deeply affected by peoples acts. read more »

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