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Poems About: SEA

In this page, poems on / about “sea” are listed.

  • 337.
    The Siren Sings To A Sailor

    Restless as the surf and tide beneath the seas you rest
    Lorelei chains you to her breast, felled midstride your quest
    Her treasure trove the lure, net laden of her fruit
    Alone you dare the angry sea a victim of her flute read more »

    Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black
  • 338.
    a warning

    the sea knows how to dream
    and dream
    it will
    still dream about a jellyfish read more »

  • 339.
    Voyage of life

    Life is a ship on a long voyage
    in an instable sea

    The sea sometimes clam read more »

    Kavitha Krishnamurthy
  • 340.
    Come With me to This Island in The Sea (A Villanelle)

    Come with me to this Island in the sea
    Tears of stone shed by ancient mountains bones
    The curving shore for all good men to see read more »

    Andrew Shiston
  • 341.
    Siren Of The Sea

    When the tide comes in
    I will walk upon two feet
    I will wander through the shallow waters read more »

    Tatianna Rei Moonshadow
  • 342.

    Smooth sailing in a sailing boat on the Caribbean Sea
    It is Christmas and the spirit of giving is in the air
    In other parts of the world it is snowing
    Here it is sunny and bright read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 343.
    Leaving With The Sea

    She stands alone care-free
    Her toes hide beneath the cold tan sand
    She sees the ocean with some type of lust read more »

    Starrbox Munoz
  • 344.
    The Man By The Sea

    He who lived in the house by the sea,
    had withdrawn... utterly.
    He who shuttered windows tightly,
    and locked the door so solidly read more »

    Dennis Lambert
  • 345.
    The prodigy of - art in the sea

    Oh, the chasten carival of the brook
    clamours it's way down
    down, down, the caliph mountain trail
    as avid Plain, longs to behold read more »

    Amit (Jimmie) Anand
  • 346.

    Sea's are good, Sea's are great
    while going in a ship like a whale.
    I love to go to see the sea
    because of there freedom. read more »

    rakshit rajender
  • 347.
    You are into a relationship

    You are on a ship
    In a traveling crowd
    And you look at the sea read more »

  • 348.
    The Widow’s Watch

    ‘twas a moondim night on the widow’s watch
    for counting the days you had gone to sea
    on the railing I carved a tiny notch
    as if the scars, would bring you back to me read more »

    Amera Andersen
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