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Ghostly Nurses And Piano Playing - Poem by Juan Olivarez

I went to elementary school,
In some old buildings,
That were at that time called,
An independant school district.
The school only went up to eighth grade.
After you finished up there,
They would bus you,
To another independant school district,
That had a high school.
As I am sure other schools have,
Our fine school had a ghost.
The ghost was supposed to haunt,
Our lunchroom / music room.
The building was about eighty feet long,
And half of it had tables and benches,
So you could sit and eat,
Whatever you brought for lunch,
In your brown paper bag.
The ghost was supposedly a school nurse,
That was supposed to have died,
In the lunchroom.
Now I don't know,
If she had a heart attack,
Or she choked on a chicken bone,
Whatever the cause,
She haunted our school.
I never saw her,
And Pepe my blood brother,
Never saw her either.
One night,
After a terrible day,
With the board of education,
(That hung above Mr. Spinks desk)
Pepe and I decided,
To investigate the school room.
At nine o'clock at night.
In those days,
One telephone pole,
With a single light on top,
Illumined the entire school.
Also, most of the school buildings,
Were left unlocked,
Since Mr. Spinks doubled,
As night watchman,
And lived on the property.
The doors being unlocked,
Proved to be a moot point.
Pepe and I were adept,
Second story men,
Even though the lunchroom was a single floor.
We climbed in through the window,
And made our way,
To the half of the lunchroom, that was the music room.
Quickly we peeked inside,
The music teachers office,
And found no discernible difference.
Then we searched all the closets,
And the utility room,
But that nurse was nowhere to be found.
After a while we got bored.
Thats when I sat at the piano,
And did my best Lon Chaney,
Impression from the silent classic,
The Phantom Of The Opera,
Pepe started laughing hysterically,
And pretended to be Mary Philbin,
Coming up behind Erik,
To yank off his mask.
Right at that precise moment,
We heard noises outside,
And took a peek through the window.
Mr. Spinks was doing his best,
Elmer Fud impression,
Sneaking up on the lunchroom,
Shotgun and all.
Pepe and I decided to retreat,
And crawled out the window,
Oposite the side our principle was arriving at.
We made straight for the woods,
Just ten feet from the lunchroom.
There we watched as the lights came on,
Inside the lunchroom,
And Mr. Spinks doing what we had so recently,
Been doing.
After about half an hour,
He left walking in a manner,
Not like himself at all.
He would take a few steps,
Then turn, and look at the lunchroom.
He did this several times,
Until he got to the house,
He and his wife Lorretta shared with their daughter Dixie.
The next day when we got to school,
We found out,
That the ghost of the school nurse,
Had made another apparition.
Apparently she also played the music room piano,
And laughed hysterically all night long.
There were maybe forty kids,
In that little school.
And they all swore,
That they had seen the ghost of the school nurse.
I think Mr. Spinks did too.

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