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  • 361.
    Dorothy Just Wanted To Learn

    She wasn’t stupid,
    just a little bit behind
    as they did move a lot.

    She had asked for a Croxley school book
    to practice the maths
    that she battled with

    but her mother only had money
    for cigarettes and a occasional bread
    but she was determined to make a plan.

    At the next school the lie slipped out
    that her school books had been handed in
    at the previous school
    as she did need paper desperately.

    The inside of the Surf box was too
    dull to write on with her pencil
    and difficult to read.

    At home she tore out the blank paper
    from the government issued school books,
    folded them in half and used a knitting needle
    to make holes for a piece of wool
    from mother’s knitting bag
    to hold her new book together.

    She held her homemade book to her heart
    and it was her secret and precious to her
    as mother would be furious
    and would tell the teacher
    and now she had an opportunity
    to practise the maths
    that she battled with. read more »

  • 362.

    We graduate from school,
    And join the growing pool,
    Of the Human Race,
    To fight for a place, read more »

  • 363.
    I Miss The Road

    I miss the road to school
    I miss the innocence
    I left somewhere on the road to school
    I want my innocence back read more »

  • 364.
    school days

    School how i hate you but i know i need to learn,
    but who really cares if you know you're not good enough,
    but i think im good i dont know about you,
    because school for me isnt as bad as for you; read more »

  • 365.
    A student's Diary

    At the age of six we begin elementary
    We had this fear or anxiety
    When e reach the teenage years we
    started secondary read more »

  • 366.
    School Is Cruel

    I woke up for school
    Wanting to swim in my pool.
    Thought I felt like a fool,
    Because the air was too cool. read more »

  • 367.

    THERES NO RULES, read more »

  • 368.

    A man i may be of limited education,
    Education the so called strength of a nation,
    Instead of a pupil of schooling of boring days never enjoyed, read more »

  • 369.
    First Day of School

    Cheery kids everywhere
    With one kid screaming in the corner
    I cling to my mom's leg
    Like a suction cup. read more »

  • 370.
    Farewell from Zahira

    Praising Almighty Allah
    I proclaim the sweetest verses
    of the heaven, Salamun Alaikum! read more »

  • 371.
    My School Days

    When I went to school
    I always watch the way, that I covered
    so, I always getting late to school. read more »

  • 372.
    bomb threat

    sitting in class
    baking some food
    when we were told
    to leave the school read more »

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