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Why Shouldnt I Be Sad Tonight? - Poem by Shankaran Kutty

Why shoudn’t I be sad tonight
For the night winds are howling
An eerie tune it floats, as a warning perhaps
Of the impending gloom that it does bring

Why shouldn’t I be sad tonight
For the rain drops finds it way beneath my door
As if to challenge me to say
I am here to entice your tears to flow more

Why shouldn’t I be sad tonight
The moon is dead, no shining stars
Just a numbing pain deep within
Reminding how life has become a farce

Why shouldn’t I be sad tonight
For though I will my mind to brave
This darkness, this loneliness that permeates
I fear I will carry to my grave.

For I know the morrow when the sun will rise
In the glittering dewdrops on the blades of grass
That sway in the gentle breeze, I’ll find
What I miss tonight, my twinkling stars

For tomorrow when I hear the cuckoo call
And the moo of the distant cow
This dreaded loneliness I feel
I know I will wipe away somehow

When the morning sun works up a sweat
Which with its caress would wipe the gentle breeze
When I see the butterfly dance from flower to flower
I believe I will get over this mental freeze

For though I have forgotten to dream, to desire
I still hope for hope is all I have my dear
That these saddest lines I write will end
That day, when I will have you near.

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