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Moon-Cursed (Variation Of A Poem) - Poem by Katerina Val

After the big ancient war of ages
and between the lines that were curved and etched by the old men
on trees sunk in their age rings
I saw a lady
she was stunning indeed
but who was she really?

Under the doomed and gloomy cover of the moon
through the shuddering sent by the tranquility of the air in the noon
I cursed my heart' oh it was so soon
I should feel the trembling of the pretty small ants
pinned at the dark dead sky
screaming an agonizing dead march oh their sad old lullaby
the sad beauty and the angry sorrow of the night
but no, she was standing by
she wouldn't let me cry
or feel the shocking purging of the transparent sight
and this was one of an unfair time, I refused to fight
she broke the light

Her eyes, deep and dark like charcoal, devil's eyes
animal's eyes, clever, clear and sparkling eyes
crooning lucid, suspicious and filthy lullabies
they shouldn't let me cry
and silently they ordered I should die
cursed into a deep sad slow and unexpected death
through her sparkling eyes I kissed the end

Rising from the depths of my endless loneliness
non-ended pain
she would approach me by, touch my fingers under the old cold sad sky, and say
"don't pray, for there is no sad time to purge or scare away"
"don't stay, for there is no kill to save your day"
" should you yearn to save the day, you should not have run away…"
"don't go away, your feet are stuck under the roots of these ancient trees"
"hang yourself like the oldest insects of time,
the stars that hide that emptiness of that dim sky"
"don't try to escape, your heart is buried deep
your hands are cold and still"
"your lungs have no air"
she said tangling her thin fingers through her silver hair
"I shall give you time to think
there, in the most sparkling light of the dark you shall see your clearest entity
the purged shadow, the cleanest version of me
there is no broken hope you can't redeem
only despair, to seal the free"

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