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Poems About: SAD

In this page, poems on / about “sad” are listed.

  • 61.
    The Sad Time

    The sad time
    Never far away
    Seconds and minutes away
    Hours and days away read more »

    Isaac Maliya
  • 62.
    I miss you, damn you.

    read more »

    Liyo Denorte
  • 63.
    Death seems fun!

    It's sad when death feels like a fun release,
    It's sad when people stop trying to talk you out of it,
    It's sad when you look around and all you see is misery, read more »

    Kill or Be killed
  • 64.
    When I Get Sad

    When i get sad
    I want to cry.

    When i get sad read more »

    Karina Lopez
  • 65.
    How Sad This World Of Beauty Might Have Been

    How sad this world of beauty might have been
    How sad the leaves that do not know the beauty of their own green names
    How sad the sound of sadness in its sinking down
    How sad when no real sadness makes sadness so real read more »

    Shalom Freedman
  • 66.
    Sad Eyes

    My sad eyes
    Blurred by tears
    Heart broken
    By the world they now fear read more »

    Destiny Avaritia
  • 67.

    We call ourselves happy when we have a moment of happiness
    But only call ourselves sad when it lasts
    If happiness was labeled as a lasting attribute rather than a candy bar there would be a lot less happy people
    As soon as our happy moment is over we close the window read more »

    TheSilent Loudness
  • 68.
    How Sad It Is

    How sad it is that we are estranged
    I expect you find me broken and deranged
    How sad it is you are owned by your fear
    Searching the world for what is so near read more »

    Rebecca Dalmaso
  • 69.
    Sad Is The Poem I Will Never Write


    Sad is the poem I will never write
    Sad is the poem of my own lost life read more »

    Shalom Freedman
  • 70.
    How Sad It All Is

    How sad it all is

    How sad it all is -
    How sad- read more »

    Shalom Freedman
  • 71.
    rubbish sad salary somber n'

    rubbish sad salary somber n'
    influenced by everything.
    rubbish sad salary somber n' read more »

  • 72.
    Forgive Me

    My Sweet tender girl
    The one who lives in my heart
    My heart can never bear a tear
    Which will make my dear sad read more »

    kanu aravind
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