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Poems About: SAD

In this page, poems on / about “sad” are listed.

  • 49.
    Sad eyes

    My sad eyes
    Blurred by tears
    Heart broken
    By the world they now see read more »

    Char Pattrick
  • 50.
    My sad eyes

    My sad eyes
    blurred by tears
    heart broken
    by the world they now see read more »

    vincent armone
  • 51.
    Mad and Sad

    We all walk like everything is fine,
    But we all know we are all mad,
    Mad at the world,
    Mad at are friends, read more »

    Samantha Guinen
  • 52.
    Ms. Sad Eyes

    Oh, girl, don’t lie
    No point in even tryin’
    You’re not fooling anyone, especially me
    Ms. Sad Eyes read more »

    Yoni Assis
  • 53.
    # Please Don’t Fall (A Chant)

    Ripped, ripped, ripped
    Bled, bled, bled
    Sad, sad, sad
    Horror, horror, horror read more »

    Sadiqullah Khan
  • 54.
    My Eyes

    My sad eyes
    blurred by tears
    heart broken
    by the world they now see read more »

    Nichole Gilmore
  • 55.
    Just is

    </>We watch people and it makes us sad
    and we hear stories and they make us sad
    and we become stories and that makes us sadder
    and we pity ourselves for being inconsolable and non-comprehendable read more »

    Camille Briski
  • 56.
    Sad the notes

    Sad the notes
    Sad is funereal
    Funereal is sad read more »

    Emmanuel George Cefai
  • 57.
    Farewell To A Tree

    Dear coconut tree
    don't be sad
    my new building
    just can't co-exist read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 58.
    Be Happy Never Feel SAD

    Sad is no Fun its like u targeted by Gun!
    Sad is Tension its like noone giving u Attention
    Sad is Upsetting its like god is Testing!
    Sad is Test iSt like u never goin to Rest! read more »

    Harsh Vardhan k
  • 59.
    Pack up

    A sad song now hangs
    in the background
    one which comes
    almost by default read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 60.
    The Sad Time

    The sad time
    Never far away
    Seconds and minutes away
    Hours and days away read more »

    Isaac Maliya
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