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Poems About: SAD

In this page, poems on / about “sad” are listed.

  • 205.

    You're sad, sitting in the corner crying.
    Sad, sitting with your head down facing the floor.
    You're sad because she just messed with your heart.
    You're sad because she kept pushing you to the edge, and made you fall. You're sad because you once loved her but she just decided that she wouldn't have anything to do with you and spit in your face. read more »

    Timmy Doyle
  • 206.
    I shouldn't be Sad

    Tsunamis, earthquakes, power plant meltdowns,
    And I think that I'm sad?
    Loved ones lost, homes destroyed,
    And I think that I'm sad? read more »

    Anniala Anonymous
  • 207.
    Sad Me

    My life has become a stage in my own eyes
    Don’t even know which is true any more
    Nothing is pure any more
    And the pure ones are too false to be real read more »

    Hontonnu Dominic
  • 208.
    I'm Too Sad!

    I'm too sad
    I'm devastated
    No one is sadder than me
    I can't even breathe naturally read more »

    Ms.Marwa Samy
  • 209.

    oh! alas, the word starts my poetry,
    i feel sad and sad and triply,
    it's my habit read more »

    prashant hooda
  • 210.
    sad sky blue eye's

    Every time I look into those,
    sad sky blue eye's,
    I feel my heart and body melt. read more »

    Alexandra robert
  • 211.

    You see me at school everyday
    and you never noticed my face
    not my eyes but the way they look
    the look of my eyes drown in discrace read more »

    Audrey Marie Kay
  • 212.

    El amor for me is
    The happiest and saddest thing
    In the world
    Is like sometimes the saddest read more »

    abby gonzalez
  • 213.
    So bad, so hard

    I was once sad as I can be
    So sad it hurts I want to fall
    So sad it creeps in every me
    Excruciates my very all. read more »

    Kestrel Quiambao
  • 214.

    Afraid to take the first step
    and see what is outside the door.
    Afraid to open your ears
    and hear the criticism of the world. read more »

    Aisha Love
  • 215.
    Sad Faced Dan

    His heart is full of stress by stress he is weighed down
    The one known as sad faced Dan the saddest one in town
    He never laugh or smile he never crack a joke
    He must not like the World he seems a sad poor bloke read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 216.
    I Do Not Understand

    I'd like to be financially well off of that why should I lie
    And I'd love to live forever I don't want to die
    But like all things of life on me a terminal span
    Though I hope to live for as long as I can. read more »

    Francis Duggan
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