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Poems About: ROSE

In this page, poems on / about “rose” are listed.

  • 361.
    The Black Rose

    The Black Rose

    Black is the Rose,
    as it stands for pain! read more »

    Wesley Mincin
  • 362.
    At dusk I'll rise

    You are overwhelmed and frustrated within,
    You always just seemed to be on my side
    But inside of your heart lies,
    The untold truth that is read more »

    khadija shaker
  • 363.

    I saw the rose from afar, admiring its beauty
    In time the beauty was not enough and I moved closer
    I stopped to see that the rose was battered
    But the beauty still shined through so I admired it from where I was read more »

    Lily Bellefluer
  • 364.
    Nature's Rose

    As the vast nature
    blinds the eye by its beauty
    the trees grow taller
    the grasses grow greener read more »

    Sky McCoy
  • 365.

    Pink like the petal
    Red as the rose
    Yellow like a sunflower read more »

    Janelle Morehart
  • 366.
    Roses, You Must Be

    Clusters of all blooming roses boast
    petals within petals; closer inspection reveals
    the mystery of each petal's inscrutable face. read more »

    Yukiko Inoue
  • 367.

    Often when I see the sinking
    sun that’s setting in the west
    and better men than I start drinking
    I start to think of how the best read more »

    gershon hepner
  • 368.
    The Rose

    A rose is a flower so hardy, yet sweet,
    with it, no other flower dares to compete,
    with a wonderful aroma, to delight any nose,
    what a wonderful flower, this ruby red rose, read more »

    Harry Bryant
  • 369.
    The Red Rose

    The red rose wept for long
    Upon the autumn sad song

    And then recovered from grief read more »

    Abdul Sattar
  • 370.
    The Rise

    The rise we get,
    from the things we do,
    it drives us all,
    we love it too. read more »

    ally jones
  • 371.

    read more »

    Jennifer Cramer
  • 372.

    Christ is risen from the dead-He is risen,
    First fruit of the sleeping is He;
    He rose from death's desolate prison, read more »

    John Bowring
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