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  • 349.
    Tickle Me

    Passionate kisses that special night
    Romantic walks along the beach
    Portraying a future which shines bright
    Silently cuddling together without a speach
    Loving moments remember me
    Tickle me with joyous laughter
    Picture me as your angel
    Lift our spirits above the clouds
    Listen to the birds sing
    Calling out a slow song
    Meant for me and you
    Take my hand and fly with me
    To a world where only lovers flee read more »

  • 350.
    Lost Love.

    Maybe once in a lifetime true love comes along.
    Sounds like the title for a romantic song.

    Many of us have let that true love go away, read more »

  • 351.

    The mone shines it's silent light,
    On the restless power of the ocean,
    As it endevours to break the sand,
    That lines the barrior between it life stroke, read more »

  • 352.
    The Pleasuring Pain of Romance

    There is none more courageous than the boy or man alike, who seeks only a life, weighted by truth and romance with the wandering goddess of his dreams.

    He is a suffering victim of her radiance; a slave to love bound, bare in chains of lust, incarcerated within a cell of burning passion. read more »

  • 353.
    33. Moon

    O Moon, the Queen of Night!
    Why do you awake the whole night?
    Do you love somebody special,
    Like a high born romantic girl read more »

  • 354.

    Let us become romantic for a while,
    Lets enter the world of imagination,
    You show a sense of hope for my sufferings,
    My life is recreated, read more »

  • 355.
    The Sleeper

    Let Sleeper do as Sleeper does
    And Dreamer men take flight in haze;
    For while one wastes their precious time,
    The other makes most of their days. read more »

  • 356.
    Renda Writer - Silly Night

    In my world
    Romantic nights
    Are born out of fun days read more »

  • 357.

    Tequila rain,
    mangos read more »

  • 358.
    Pain and Love

    hurtful and harsh
    causing emotions; stirring inside
    moving and romantic read more »

  • 359.
    A sonnet on my first kiss

    Lashes bowed, thine eyes in fear,
    So cute, ye so calm she came near,
    Wind blow-A romantic breeze,
    Time to perform our first kiss, read more »

  • 360.
    By Now You Probably Just Want Me To Slip Away

    So either you live partly or you die slowly but at the end, soon, you will rise radiantly
    For me, my sensual part is being overbalanced by its stronger spiritual part
    I am strong and it does not mean I don’t have any feeling for you
    But what you ask I cannot give simply because I cannot give read more »

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