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'My Lovely Beauty Lady' - Poem by Ali Sabry

Please my lovely beauty lady let me hear your voice for once only
Let me hear your pure voice for once only in whole my life
Cause I miss you so much from all my heart
I missed you from very very a long time
I missed you from that time
I missed you so much specially from that time you left me lonely
For sure I’m always thinking of you in all the time everyday
Specially every second of the night
Cause simply I can’t seen you beside me in whole these beautiful nights

- Please darling tell me why you are always keeping yourself silence in front of me in all the time.

Please my lovely lady let me know the problem
Why you are doing this to me
Is there something in me you don’t like it? tell me please, Let me know
If yes that is mean there is another person in your life
But I don’t care cause you are to me at end
I will never let anybody take you far away from me
I win at end because it is my game
Honey this is something will hurt me really if you lost your love for me
Cause you know I’ve paid everything I have for you
I wasted all my life for you only personally
I wasted each part of my body in loving you
Each part of my body is calling your name in all the time everyday

- Honey you know something I can smell your fragrance till if you are so far from me and there is the oceans and borders between us.

I am in exile and you are in exile too
There is the borders and the oceans between us with all my sadness
I became a refugee in my exile because I run away from the sufferings
Finally I became a refugee in your romantic world too
I became a prisoner in your love story
But I don’t care for all this cause you are to me at end
Honey I want to tell you that we have to stay together forever
My lovely lady please don’t think that I lost my love for you
Honey I still on my testament
So don’t think that I lost my love for you

- Absolutely you are wrong in this cause I had never forget you from the first time I saw you for moments.
- My lovely lady my bad luck is stayed with me to this day cause with all my sadness you forgotten me at end.

The problem was in me cause I couldn’t have your attention for once
I entered in your life suddenly with all my poems

- But this is something must make you happy cause I chosen you from all these beautiful ladies because of your awesome beauty that nobody have it in whole the world, There is no princess have your awesome beauty in whole the world.
You have a beauty there is no princess have it in whole the world
My lovely lady I will stay writing these poems for you only personally
All my poems will lift your beautiful name to my death
Your name will be plaid in the middle of my white romantic heart
I will let the whole world know who I am
I will let the whole world feel in my sufferings and my deep sadness
I will let the whole world know what I feel here deep inside
Inside my injured white romantic heart
You left me with a great sword you inserted it inside my chest
You grown it in this heart that heart ever warm and true
That heart you were lived inside it in whole these long years

- Honey burn fire in all my body I don’t care cause my eyes tears will extinguish it but don’t burn fire in my heart and you are inside it.
- My lovely beauty lady I kept you here in the middle of my white romantic heart in whole these long years with all my romantic poems.
- Honey be sure that there is nobody lived inside my white romantic heart before you or after you cause I will never let this happen.

I will never let myself forget your love
My heart doors opened to you from the first time I saw you for moments

- You entered in my heart suddenly and you made me so proud because I loved a beautiful lady like your beauty.

Oh honey I fall into loving your angels eyes and your blonde long hair
I would like to live inside your angels eyes if it’s possible
You are a miss universe in whole your life

- I can’t stand in front of you for seconds because I can’t tolerance your awesome beauty.

You know the flowers became jealous from you if you smell them
But at end nothing happen with all my sadness

- Nothing from all my desiderations became true cause you are so far from me.
- You are so far from me and you know this so it’s hard to come to see you only for a while this is our fate is to stay far away from each other.

My lovely lady it’s my dream believe me to see you
So please I want you to make a favor for me Please stay waiting me cause I promise you that I will come to see you very soon believe me honey that the time will come very soon and you will see me stand on my knees in front of you lifting the diamond ring asking you to marry me.

The Romantic Man
Ali Ayoob Sabry

Comments about 'My Lovely Beauty Lady' by Ali Sabry

  • Rookie Lillie Williams (12/12/2012 10:30:00 AM)

    The romantic man has a lot going on. I would love to receive such romantic writing from my Bo. It makes the heart beat faster. Another wonderfully written piece. Thanks for sharing with the world. For this should not be hidden but spread abroad. (Report) Reply

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    0 person did not like.
  • Rookie - 0 Points Ye Caterpillar (10/27/2012 8:36:00 PM)

    Strange hypnotic beauty... unique style & powerful sincerity. Made me smile too. (Report) Reply

  • Rookie James Cecil (6/28/2012 7:53:00 PM)

    Heartfelt words. Substanitive! (Report) Reply

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