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Poems About: ROMANTIC

In this page, poems on / about “romantic” are listed.

  • 337.
    Dissolved into eternity

    Consumed by a magical fire
    sizzling with lust
    tormented with passion
    drunken with love read more »

    brindha saran
  • 338.
    Sadness Too Intense

    Sadness too intense and deep
    Can shatter the mind and eliminate
    Vital memories: read more »

    Uriah Hamilton
  • 339.
    The Tender Night

    Fragile in the tender night,
    I want to kiss you in the moonlight,
    Gently speak your name as you softly gaze
    Into a romantic candle’s flickering flame, read more »

    Uriah Hamilton
  • 340.
    Love Me... Who?

    Small-town romantics
    once might live in fear:
    demon lovers, married,
    or didn't live near... read more »

    Michael Shepherd
  • 341.
    The Old Lowe House, Staten Island

    Another prospect pleased the builder's eye,
    And Fashion tenanted (where Fashion wanes)
    Here in the sorrowful suburban lanes
    When first these gables rose against the sky. read more »

    Alan Seeger
  • 342.
    Romantic Courtesy

    He would tip his hat as the lady passed by
    When walking along the street
    He would take her hand and give it a kiss
    Whenever they would meet read more »

    Dorothy Durrant
  • 343.

    I fell off the wagon
    I'm a hopeless romantic
    I couldn't break an old habit
    I'm tired of being here read more »

    Victor Osorio
  • 344.

    The mone shines it's silent light,
    On the restless power of the ocean,
    As it endevours to break the sand,
    That lines the barrior between it life stroke, read more »

    Nick Hilton
  • 345.
    You say

    You say you love me then
    Were are you on those cold
    winter nights,
    When i need two strong arms read more »

    Jackie Kirby
  • 346.
    Sunday Suitor

    Meadow floor, ocean view
    Laying on thatched dandelions dressed in dew.
    You bathe me with nature's flowers
    Growing wild after a Spring shower. read more »

    Cindy Brazil
  • 347.
    My Garden Fair

    Flowers are blooming in
    my garden fair. Their
    sweet perfume fills the
    air. My Garden fair is read more »

    Dr. Janice Marie Murrell
  • 348.
    I Said To My Son

    I said to my son:
    be romantic man. Be chivalrous and kind,
    and cherish that one. That same little lady,
    you shall take to romance. Be a little father, read more »

    Jerusalmi Streete
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