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  • 337.
    Pipe Dream

    A stroke of genius
    illuminated the skies
    as, in synchronization,
    we collectively
    came together to rejoice
    (and) set ourselves apart.
    As if by divine
    intervention, we
    were inexplicably struck
    with the notion that
    we were not as cold
    and simple-functioned
    as the steel cogs in
    the machine,
    steadfastly driving
    away from that which
    makes us individuals.
    A system put into place
    by those that chose tangible
    commodities (and) production
    because the blinding aura
    of philosophy
    was drowned beneath the
    eternal black (of) ignorance.
    (The) crucification
    of our creativity
    could no longer go
    unwarranted as
    our collective conscience
    made a guttural bellow
    that the fallacy
    of security
    in retirement
    was an insignificant
    reward in exchange
    for (an) entire existence
    of indentured servitude.
    We touched the image
    (of) creation.
    We grasped (and) slowed our minds.
    We reinvigorated
    (our) chivalrous intent.
    Our humble
    assemblage flourished
    as, united, we emerged
    as a catalyst
    for the celebration of
    (the) human condition. read more »

  • 338.
    Confession of an Aristocratic Whore

    Dismemberment of life
    Grant of no grace in our gutters
    Sedated happiness in unreal words
    Pitiful kings lie in human secrets read more »

  • 339.
    A Night In A Coastal Village

    The lights on, the church bells rung
    The namaz over and evening prayers sung.
    The day was over, the market bustled for a while
    The kites and baloons took the kids for an exile. read more »

  • 340.
    Farewell To Gilsland

    Adieu, ye dun heaths, purple vales, and wild flowers,
    Ye banks whose proud steeps in green verdure are drest; read more »

  • 341.
    XI: To Miss Adelaide Kemble,

    If Time has doom'd the triumphs of thy race
    With loss of thee-the youngest and th ... read more »

  • 342.
    XXXIX. Religion consists in right sentiments of God

    Frame to yourself some forms, some rules whereby
    To guide your life, on which to keep your eye,
    Which whether to yourself you live recluse, read more »

  • 343.
    Too late

    Cant see with both the eyes, they are dim, he said.
    One cant do cataract with both eyes simultaneously,
    And for one eye, they charge five thousand rupees. read more »

  • 344.

    I'm chasing that elusive dream where I can retire,
    Thinking that with it comes some well deserved rest,
    With some peace & quiet & a good book... is what I desire,
    But instead life & family demands more of me....much like a test; read more »

  • 345.
    Endless Games

    We do have are ways to not open doors nor
    feel the raps upon our masked coverings
    Lately, I feel as if purpose has detoured and
    now lay wasted along with vast remains that have read more »

  • 346.
    Green Banana’s

    A time is reached in life if one remains
    Alive to tell the tale: those certain things
    He once performed routinely, ascertains
    The notion, habits must desist which brings read more »

  • 347.
    .Our Ladies of the Chamber

    “I’m a survivor, ” sez the
    Blond from
    AWAP, each time she tells her Ex-Wife’s read more »

  • 348.
    Retirement Sometimes Comes...

    On a cold winter night
    she sits by the fire-place
    nesting her frail frame
    on grandma’s rocking chair read more »

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