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Critical Life - Poem by Piscine Kipling

We live in a transparent world with covered eyes and visions veiled
Our self-respect and dignity sold for a job, our lives are sealed
Go to school for years so you can work the dayshift until your lunchtime meal
And when Mr. President comes around your already on the ground in a kneel

Drive from the big city, bustling with life to identical suburban homes
Gotta do this day in day out because your materialism put you on a loan
Say Hi to your neighbour, and hoping he feels jealous of what you own
Nothing ever changes for you, your much too afraid of what's unknown

Wife and kids and you think your living the good life, the American Dream
Running thoughts that make you confident against your shrinking self-esteem
Turn on the evening news and catch the six o'clock's depressing themes
Thinking everyone's got it bad cause their not in God's graceful gleam

Take a vacation, see the poverty run rampant, but enjoy the sunshine
Vote liberal gotta help everything, vote conservatives lifes always unkind
Your relaxation time is done, you're no longer the king so get back in line
Well at least you got some hidden bottles of whiskey, cognac and wine

You know you cannot escape this life you worked so hard to create
Enjoy none of your time until retirement, and death is tommorow's fate
Filling a role in the machines running society, make sure your not late
And your only choice is to accept, no reason to change, no reason to hate

Back problems and your doc gives you pills to shove down your throat
Your getting old, mid life crisis on the way, solved when you buy a boat
Disillusioned with your marriage, write get a divorce on a post-it note
Kids rebelling against you, soon to succumb and live your status quo

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