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I'Ll Miss You, Mom - Poem by Comfort Ndlovu

Before I knew you, you carried me,
You carried me before I knew I would be;
Before I occupied a brick-walled room
You carried me in your warm womb.

Before I knew I was your son
You already were my mother,
Before I came out to see the sun,
You were there for me - alongside my father.

When I opened my mouth to cry
You were there for me to nurse,
Before I raised my little hand to try
You always did clean my dirt and mess.

Before I could even catch a crippled crow,
You knew whatever I wanted,
You fed and raised me stronger to grow,
By providing all that I needed.

Before I decided to thank you,
You left without saying 'Goodbye'
Before I gave anything in return to you,
God said to you: 'Come to dust and die! '

27 June 2005 in my life a heart-tearing turning point,
27 June 2005 a threat to my standpoint:
A blow across a face once trained to be brave,
Mighty mockery to a mother-figure-face in a lowly grave.

Mother, mother, whither goest thou?
Mother, mother, I'm in great pain.
Mom, mom, where are you?
Mum, mum, I'll never see you again.

Of what use for me to cry?
Am I also not ripe to die?
Of what use for me to try?
I'll cry and cry and sigh and eventually die.

I'll remember you everyday,
I'll remember who you were to me,
I'll remember you from day to day,
I'll remember what you caused me to be.

I'll remember and remember you,
I'll always do, everyday, remember you;
I'll remember you when I shake my head,
I'll remember you when I raise my hand.

Sitting still under the tree
I'll still remember thee,
My head covered in nightly dew
I'll still remember you.

I'll miss you 'till the mountains move,
I'll miss you 'till the gods approve
that the amount of sorrow that's engraved in me
is more sharper than a sting of bee.

I'll miss you 'till all the celestial bodies cry,
I'll miss you 'till the leopards crawl,
I'll miss you 'till the stones fry,
'till all bright stars fall.

I'll miss you 'till the sky falls down,
I'll miss you 'till the angels tell lies,
I'll miss 'till Jesus comes down,

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