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  • 337.
    Those little pairs

    When you are about to do something bad
    Please remember that two little eyes are watching from behind
    When you are about to say a lie
    Please remember that two little eyes are listening from behind
    When you are about to plant the seed of hatred
    Please remember that two little hands may follow your act
    When you are about to follow the path of wrong
    Please remember that two little feet may follow your steps strong
    When you are about to give things up and despair
    Please remember that you are setting up a bad example for those little pairs. read more »

  • 338.
    It makes sense

    When controversy surrounds
    and things blow out of proportion
    that tranquility still makes sense read more »

  • 339.
    In my dreams..

    I can´t quite remember
    My dreams last night
    Only thing I know for sure
    It´s that you were there to hold me tight read more »

  • 340.

    I remember when I bumped my head, while hitting a basketball with a bat and it bounced back and hit me in the head.
    I remember my first concussion; I felt a warm stinging sensation down my spine.
    I remember the first time I seen my Dad cry, my uncle died and a single tear streamed down his cheek.
    I remember my first no-hitter; my arm felt my arm was a live untouchable rocket. read more »

  • 341.
    You'll Remember Her

    At the rising of the sun and as its going down,
    You'll remember her

    At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of Winter, read more »

  • 342.

    Remember the day before today
    When magic fills the air
    Everytime that we are near……
    Those are part of yesterday read more »

  • 343.
    I remember Jossee

    I Remember Jossee

    By: Stacey Haarmann read more »

  • 344.

    Remember the days when we were together
    Saying our love would last forever
    Remember the walks we shared
    Expressing to one another how much we cared read more »

  • 345.

    Remember the laughs
    Remember the smiles
    Remember the times we had for a while read more »

  • 346.
    I Will Remember

    I will remember you the way u were
    I will remember you with every tear that runs down my face
    I will remember you when u were just a kid
    I will remember you happy and innocent read more »

  • 347.
    I Remember: A Ghazal in English

    Those walks at misty morning hours, I remember
    'part'- was ordered by the stars, I remember!

    Blossom only to fall apart, broken hearted, read more »

  • 348.
    Remember The First

    Remember our first kiss
    Remember how beautiful you are
    Remember not to forget me
    Remember not to make your past your Future read more »

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