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  • 25.
    On a red carpet

    Red sniffs the colors of love
    Glimpse of love is in silence
    Red shower in the war front and grieve
    Time plots its form on the red spot
    Violence endanger on the lap of red
    Grumpiness moves on the cart of red
    Power moves in the yard of red
    Life is on the wheel of red

    There on the liveliness its form is red
    Stream inside the body is red
    Nature congruent on the lap of red
    Light loom on the chart of red
    Red may be the fathom of creator
    That rise on the strand and whisper
    Charted form of life is red
    That withdraws to the beam light! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    ©2014 SALINI.S.NAIR. All rights reserved. read more »

  • 26.
    Red Rose

    A red rose is so sweet and so delicate,
    A red rose is always so bright and glimmering with red,
    A red rose has always grown so gracefully,
    and always before the end of the rose's life it starts to wilt, read more »

  • 27.

    Red is the colour of tomato sauce dripping down the side of your hamburger
    Red is the feeling after exercise
    Red is the sound of silence
    Red is the colour of warm blood flooding your veins read more »

  • 28.

    Perfect red trigonal crystals
    Mined in far Mong Su in Burma
    Carmine glowing inner fire
    Ruby red like haemoglobin read more »

  • 29.

    We said farewell, my youth and I,
    When all fair dreams were gone or going,
    And Love’s red lips were cold and dry.
    When white blooms fell from tree-tops high— read more »

  • 30.
    Roses are red......

    Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    Guess what i've falling
    in love with you. read more »

  • 31.
    The Scots [A Dirge]

    Black Scots and red Scots,
    Red Scots and black;
    I hae dealt wi’ the red Scot,
    An’ dealt wi’ the black. read more »

  • 32.
    What Colour Does Love Paint In?

    Red, said zara.
    Red of lips that've just been kissed.
    The red of unmade cheeks
    Where passion and restrain wage wars unseen. read more »

  • 33.
    When you see the color red

    When you see the color red
    Do you see me bloody and dead
    When you see the color red
    Do you picture me free of dread read more »

  • 34.
    Red roses from shubo

    I'saw that miraculous from your love.
    First i'to meet you.
    First red roses say i'have admiration about you.
    I'saw that miraculous from your love. read more »

  • 35.
    Red rain

    Fire engine rose petals ebb
    Persimmon embers die down
    Sultry cerise lips pout
    Red wine hungrily consumed read more »

  • 36.
    The Green Above The Red

    Full often when our fathers saw the Red above the Green,
    They rose in rude but fierce array, with sabre, pike and scian,
    And over many a noble town, and many a field of dead,
    They proudly set the Irish Green above the English Red. read more »

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