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Poems About: RED

In this page, poems on / about “red” are listed.

  • 13.
    Red Apple, Red Apple

    Red apple
    Red apple
    sitting on the ledge
    savouring its nutrients read more »

    John McAdam
  • 14.

    Red is cool fire
    Red is the feeling of love
    Red is the passionate color
    Red is the color that brings my love to me read more »

    Brooke Audino
  • 15.

    RED balloon
    floating through frames
    of Thirties celluloid read more »

    Alison Cassidy
  • 16.
    The Blue Instructions

    Environment is turned into blue energy park
    Don't make the ocean red
    Don't make the ocean red
    Don't make the ocean red read more »

    Nyein Way
  • 17.

    Red is the colour of tomato sauce dripping down the side of your hamburger
    Red is the feeling after exercise
    Red is the sound of silence
    Red is the colour of warm blood flooding your veins read more »

    Bianca N/A
  • 18.
    Red, Red Rose

    Red, red rose, she blew her breath
    Fingers, it’s stem she caressed
    Then she closed her eyes and breathed the fragrance in
    Tell me red, red rose, where does love end read more »

    Bill Simmons
  • 19.

    words when whisper
    the heart echoes in red
    blood when red flints to flow
    by the red vain as the fire obstinate read more »

    Dr subhendu kar
  • 20.


    Red is the colour in which I release scream,
    Or at least just little sound between echo, read more »

    I.F. Kobjelska
  • 21.
    Red Rose

    Red Rose Red Rose
    Which is a sweet scent to the nose
    So soft and smooth
    It makes my heart move read more »

    Eve Anderson
  • 22.
    What's Red

    Red is a strong color
    Red is a Strawberry
    A very juicy red fruit
    Red is an apple read more »

    favie erase
  • 23.
    Black And Red

    Black and Red
    The colours of dead
    Black and Red
    The colours of my bed. read more »

    Carniz Fatema
  • 24.
    *Blood Red Roses

    Blood red
    The roses she'd
    Always received
    Blood red read more »

    Alice Vedral Rivera
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