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Poems About: RAVEN

In this page, poems on / about “raven” are listed.

  • 37.
    The girl with the raven tresses

    What smile made this soul quiver?
    Shiver on this day in her audible stare
    Each fingertip touch made the world
    Tremble at the thought of caressing read more »

    Resten Swondo
  • 38.
    Raven Saving Phoenix

    She told me about
    a dream she had
    She swooped down to earth
    And the Phoenix she did grab read more »

    Leo James
  • 39.
    Raven Call

    Raven speak of dark and dreary night
    Wrapped in feathers of your fright
    Orange moon of Saturn's beauty
    Depressed thoughts of reality read more »

    Samantha Campbell
  • 40.

    Vain her threat and earnest petition, Raven held her in his wrath
    As the celestial Buddha once captured, fair 'Rokini' in his path

    By his left hand (tremor shaken) Raven held her streaming hair read more »

    Ray Lucero
  • 41.
    Nightmare Raven

    A Raven perches on the branch
    and stares into my window
    watches me sleep
    watches me dream read more »

    Dakota Ellerton
  • 42.
    Warm and Cozy in New Jersey

    Raven is raging mad
    At this cold weather, oh what a drag!
    Shoveling this heavy snow
    When he could be writing sonnets or even a haiku. read more »

    June FeirCruz
  • 43.
    The Raven Days

    Our hearths are gone out and our hearts are broken,
    And but the ghosts of homes to us remain,
    And ghastly eyes and hollow sighs give token
    From friend to friend of an unspoken pain. read more »

    Sidney Lanier
  • 44.
    The Ravens Of Twenty Nine Palms

    Have you ever seen a raven?
    It is an immense bird.
    Black as a stygian night,
    Fearless and inspiring fear. read more »

    Juan Olivarez
  • 45.

    Old haggard poltergeist
    Caught in bizarre ambush

    Powers of twenty ravens read more »

    Mohammed Hassan (Piracy In The Mediterranean)
  • 46.
    Elijah Fed By Ravens

    Elijah's example declares,
    Whatever distress may betide;
    The saints may commit all their cares
    To him who will surely provide: read more »

    John Newton
  • 47.
    Ever More The Raven Soar.

    Let there be a raven more...
    Let it soar and fly.
    Let there be a raven nor...
    Let it circle by. read more »

    Michael Gale
  • 48.
    Harvested Farm (the raven and I)

    read more »

    Marites C. Cayetano
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