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7whynot7 - Poem by Charles Hice


7WHYNOT7< br> Eye wrote a poem as iff what iff and iff is coming so now my themes is done and fables but a memory originality a sin with me eye oft repeat myself can ewe imagine if the Bard had lived forever how many poems would we have of Raven lay them end to end and never tire of them Oh woe Poe is back again with Quoth. Imagine more than Super Powers Imagine GOD powers in a man what would a man could do with that and still be GOD. Eye would run threw hails of bullits just laughing at the men not feeling any pain or tossing bullits back just laughing in my power at the men. Eye would let them see that someone there a picture of a small girl giggling like a princess queen. Tee Hee, Tee hee. Eye would build a giant size pin of huge proportions and let all the angels ever in Heaven dance there for one long day of Angel dancing on the head of the giant size pin. Eye would hide myself from men and never come back at all not like this Jesus who loves us all and wants to return to govern us he even builds a place to house and feed the poor and brings it with him forever more. Eye would fly faster than the light that eye had made and then come back and shake my hand. Eye would abolish slavery of every man it never quite means anything the servitude of a faithful man is limited to what the others have and do true freedom is not given men in religion we must still obey in love and be a slave. Eye would stand for ten thousand years inside a raindropp and keep it wet and let it stand in sky and never dropp at all but become a GOD to other raindrops as the raindropp slowly opens to reveal Heaven for the poorer raindrops they must hurry to be ready for the coming of the raindropp GOD. Singing now a new song Sticks and Stones won’t break my bones they only hurt the ones eye love. It must be hard to have so much love inside a GOD that it has to come out as blood upon a tree a cross of wood a love gone extremely out to death. All day long eye hear the words of unsaved people marring me they turn my ear into the headache tree a thing hanging on my ear for the worst of them to abuse with there stupidity and so for one long forever day eye would be an ear just an ear hanging there on outer place in space there is no atmosphere the words there do not penetrate and eye would throb the ear in space. Why not?

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