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Poems About: RAVEN

In this page, poems on / about “raven” are listed.

  • 349.
    Tones of Mystic (to a friend)

    I have played on white raven's golden harp
    With the strings of the icy crystals glow
    From the glaciers of the northern light snow
    Tones of the arctic in moon dance warp read more »

    Peter S. Quinn
  • 350.

    Uri Geller
    bend me a fork
    so’s I may
    eat round corners. read more »

    Frederick Boslough
  • 351.
    Grampa's Grampa

    something about the ancient poetry
    of the classic age
    something calls to mind an isolated cemetary
    brittle sparks of snow crystallized over the surface read more »

    Barry Donegan
  • 352.

    Have you seen the ravens?
    One of them perched
    On this roof yesterday,
    Show me now; read more »

    Ngetich Kiptoo
  • 353.
    Moon Light

    How quiet midnight love,
    How my heart is to thee read more »

    Lilith Rose Reitenbach
  • 354.
    The Raven

    With black wings I fly,
    With red eyes I see,
    With the darkness flowing high above,
    Death shall speak to me. read more »

    Troy Clark And Neal Simons
  • 355.
    Love Will Tear Us Apart

    She sits infront of the screen
    no lights are on
    no sounds to be heard
    she watches the image in the corner read more »

    Alex Moore
  • 356.
    Of Morning Glory!

    In rise of such morning glory
    An' heavenly heights of suns beem
    The air fresh of mid-night rain
    'Tis the hope, storms shall refrain, read more »

    Geoff Warden
  • 357.
    Pretty Maids in a row

    I love you like stiletto heels
    Dancing in the snow
    You love me like her pear dropp smile
    And think that I don’t know read more »

    Olivia Capulet
  • 358.

    Hate is distastful
    When it creeps into your heart,
    It sends out thorns,
    It sends out spores, read more »

    analee chatoo
  • 359.

    Do not yank a wolverines tail,
    Hike with friends, stay on the trail.

    Never chase bear cubs into heather, read more »

    Tare njTare
  • 360.
    The blackest gift

    It is a night of sorrow, a song of death,
    wolves vent their loneliness.
    The thirsting one rises.
    Night shrouds her pale form, read more »

    Michelle Hyde
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