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Poems About: RAVEN

In this page, poems on / about “raven” are listed.

  • 25.
    Black raven

    Lifeless wings twitch like an electric cable
    Could it be it’s a message to me?
    Black raven you fill up my skies…
    Vampirism, beauty, its feathered bill sings to me. read more »

    Mark Heathcote
  • 26.

    - The raven has stolen-that?
    -Cheese, and what? !
    - Raven has stolen... - that?
    -Words, and what? ! read more »

    Tsira Gogeshvili
  • 27.
    That lonely raven

    There’s that raven
    That very lonely raven
    Who was born with a wing bigger than the other read more »

    Storm Pedersen
  • 28.
    The Blue Raven.

    It was an un-starry dark,
    The sun came up dim and yellowish,
    The birds got numbed,
    And no voice did they cherish. read more »

    Bazi alis Subrata Ray
  • 29.
    Quest for Shaded Truth

    Dove came to Raven in a dream.
    He was whiter than snow.
    Raven woke with his croaking scream,
    A creature of light had visited. read more »

    Bryce Lim
  • 30.
    Archangel of Death

    Over fields of War soars the Raven, on wings of Death he flies
    He sees the clash of bone and sword, hears the dying cries
    Flies above the bloodied earth, his wings black out the sun
    Come to collect the honored dead, each and every one read more »

    Tim Vallie
  • 31.
    Fly Raven Fly

    fly raven fly
    and see the sparkle in my eyes
    as I watch you
    flying high. read more »

    Marites C. Cayetano
  • 32.
    Toothless Woman, Smiling

    A toothless woman, smiling.
    Flocks of ravens roost there
    Remaining in the cavern of her mouth.
    When the woman and the ravens are unhappy, read more »

    Shane Markie
  • 33.
    A Raven

    Dark bird
    Black raven with black wings,
    Black eyes as dark as midnight, read more »

    Mmm Davis
  • 34.
    Lola She Liked A Look Through The Window

    Into a colour lit night
    Her dresses white hands transparent
    A through thought penetrate glitter of the glass
    Her colours were made of the white washed walls read more »

    Miroslava Odalovic
  • 35.
    The Raven

    the ravens croak is heard
    fear has my feet rooted like a tree to the ground
    the raven glides towards me
    its beady eyes never leaving me as it circles around up above read more »

    mistery person
  • 36.
    Black raven, White dove

    When it's black,
    Like the raven,
    The well is full, but full of what?
    My sun is shining in a half pale burst, read more »

    ally gunther
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