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  • 229.
    Between The Notes

    I played my life between the notes
    on the trail of a wayward tune
    I sailed a course by burned out boats
    and sought the dark side of the moon

    I tumbled like a loaded dice
    beyond the hand, beyond the heart
    Then had to wait to pay the price,
    to reach the end to make a start

    I sprinted forward from the past;
    I burnt the leaves, I burnt the blooms
    And rushing faster soon was last
    and hid alone in crowded rooms

    I danced the dance of broken wings
    to the tune of summertime gone
    Down where the wall of water sings
    and the Raven high goes gliding on

    I tried a little camouflage,
    I circled wagons all around
    And fanned the flames to burn the badge
    then walked the ash as hallowed ground

    And no, it’s true, she didn’t wait
    but in her eyes a flash of light
    Which I remembered slightly late
    was proof that destiny was right:

    My course was out, my song was wrong
    and all I ran from chased me down
    As I grew weak and it grew strong
    and all my ghosts came gath’ring round

    I danced the dance of broken wings
    to the tune of summertime gone
    Down where the wall of water sings
    and the Raven high goes gliding on

    And all the while I thought of me
    as millions walked the walk of shame
    As King was murdered for a dream
    and brave Mandela lay in chains

    I dreamed abandoned glory scenes;
    saw broken bonds cast on the floor
    And folly bursting at the seams,
    and time come mocking to the door

    To take me back to winter nights,
    a certain creaking window frame
    and walls I’d built against those heights,
    against the mention of your name

    I danced the dance of broken wings
    to the tune of summertime gone
    Down where the wall of water sings
    and the Raven high goes gliding on

    And so I tumbled here where words
    Between the notes of minor chords
    still echo where no moonlight falls
    in empty rooms and empty halls

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  • 230.
    Chambermaid With Ravens

    The Aberdeen bus arrives, deposits and boards
    the same people daily. One is the dark-haired
    chambermaid at the tourist lodge, awkward
    in her print dress and wearing a scowl. Her read more »

  • 231.
    The Raven

    The raven walked up the handrail to where he would hop onto the low
    branch of the tree. He turned around, cocked his head, then looked at
    me. A drop of rain fell on his beak. He shook it off and then he glanced
    toward the sea. A wall of rain was coming our way so he walked deeper read more »

  • 232.
    I Have A Friend

    read more »

  • 233.
    Raven Site Ruin

    So it seems, Raven Site was home to Anasazi
    An ancient people vanished unto time,
    My eyes did view their ruins with dismay,
    appalled by restorations disarray-- read more »

  • 234.
    Valley of the Crows, India

    At the sudden edge
    where the hill gapes into the valley,
    a gnarled mimosa leans
    away from the sky read more »

  • 235.
    The Raven

    There sat a raven 'mid the pines so dark,
    The pines so silent and so dark at morn
    A ragged bird with feathers rough and torn, read more »

  • 236.
    Ghost Bear, page 1 of 4

    Long ago, in a small village
    Where the Great River meets the
    Limitless Salt Sea, lived Muin Manitu,
    An aging shaman. read more »

  • 237.
    Night The Fourth

    Last night I prayed the Unknown God
    For some Ovidian metamorphosis -
    Rock, raven, touchstone, read more »

  • 238.
    Loneliness When The Dark Brings Tears

    When the Dark Brings Tears
    ........................................... read more »

  • 239.
    Gloria's Glorious Glory

    the festival began at dusk
    amidst the rings of fairy dust
    beating paths the fair and mild
    and joyous came from miles and miles read more »

  • 240.
    The Dust Collector

    High amidst the sinking sands
    The dust collector sinks his hands
    Into the strange, bewildered lands
    Where not a single timber stands read more »

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