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Poems About: RAVEN

In this page, poems on / about “raven” are listed.

  • 109.

    I never was
    a particularly spiritual person
    until the day
    I saw your raven read more »

    Fiona Eris Strand
  • 110.
    ravens cry with no mercy

    ravens cry with no mercy
    a bell rings devilishly
    the path to nothingness
    is awaiting wounded souls read more »

    Ahmad Shiddiqi
  • 111.
    When dues of time

    read more »

    Gabrielle Trione
  • 112.

    the black raven
    flies over the ravine
    hovers and
    shits on the read more »

  • 113.
    American tanka

    sun fires the green field

    ravens descend to scavenge-
    midnight black at noon read more »

    Michael Pruchnicki
  • 114.
    magical mystery tour

    I am in this low-slung sports car
    painted a deep, rich yellow
    driving under an Italian sun.
    I have a British accent. read more »

    Charles Bukowski
  • 115.

    Lost, hurt so cut up
    Puzzled the way my life has been
    I had been gazing out my bedroom
    Window thinking about the hurt read more »

    Lilly Emery
  • 116.
    Raven's World

    On a lone branch,
    Swaying in the breeze
    Roosts a darkened form read more »

    Eric Paeplow
  • 117.
    The Messenger

    I watched a Raven glide overhead,
    His head he gave a nod,
    Rising on the upward draft,
    Wings were black and broad. read more »

    G.R. Gaus
  • 118.
    White Raven

    White Raven's eyes erased,
    This there life of meaning,
    Flying through him was his name by nature
    Where there might be a Raven be? read more »

    Rebecca Stansfield
  • 119.
    The Raven

    With it's lustrous laminated feather,
    with it's mighty silver- black wings,
    With it's weathered and chipped beak,
    The crow perched high in his throne of twigs. read more »

    Daryl Kang
  • 120.

    I'm sitting in a dimly lit room,
    the only sounds,
    are the sweet caws,
    of the crows and the ravens, read more »

    Robert Rumery
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