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Dinner Menu Affected The Bedroom - Poem by O Anna Niemus

Insecticides concentrated
in meat and fish cause sterility
Amyloid plaque from meat
and fish... cause senility
The animal fat in meat fish
and dairy
clogs the arteries
reducing sexual


Impotence And Animal Flesh

Dr. Michael Klaper, Md, in a public speech mentioned that a 25 per
cent blockage of penile arteries from cholesterol (animal fat) accounts for a quadrupled lack of function. Elimination of animal products in many cases returns sexual function. The Physicians' Desk Reference lists sexual dysfunction or impotence as a byproduct of many psychiatric drugs.
(Dr. Klaper is available through archives and live discussion on the web
Drs. Neal Barnard MD and Chaitowitz both concurred in this opinion in an
article in May in the Montreal Gazette.
National Public Radio on Sept 9,98 hosted the author of a book on Prozac
who stated that 30 to 40% of users feel a loss of sensation sexually.
Viagra has been correlated to heart attacks. (Eli Lilly and Pfizer
make these 2 drugs.) Fox News reported June 10,98 that Viagra in combination
with nitrates such as sodium nitrate used to color hot dogs can be lethal.
Dr. Drew, MD, host of Loveline, stated one should research the many
antidepressants which cause impotence.
(See the Ohio file no.7 under Nonviolent Action for an analysis of
federal and state programs regarding breast cancer.)
The New England Journal of Medicine in November of 1997 stated that
animal fats which become trans-fatty acids are a cause of breast cancer.
The major cause of breast removal in the U.S.is animal products.
(The five countries with the highest rates of breast
cancer have the highest animal product consumption. They are
Scandinavian countries, the U.S. and one other. Women with mastectomies lose
none of their beauty, but they have
a difficult time adjusting. Elimination of the butyric acid in animal
products makes the body more fragrant.
(Other factors in sexual dysfunction are generalized anger, anger with
the partner, low self esteem, general exhaustion, female hormones in animal
products, etc.)
The dietary causes of breast cancer are both the animal products and the
female hormones given to the animals. The Dept. of Defense Health Section in
October did a symposium on the trans fatty acids found in animal products as
a cause of cancer.
The administration's plan to give 450 million dollars to the testing
of 2 breast cancer drugs (one already banned once by the FDA) is not
the best way to end breast cancer. Presently there are still federal
welfare programs for those animal product producers who are causing
the cancers.
Prostate cancer is caused in many incidences by animal products in the
diet. The growth hormones affect men as well as women.
Gynecomastia is the condition of male breast growth because of ingestion
of female hormones in milk, eggs, cheese, meat. Spiritually prostate
cancer can be cured by realization that we are beings, not human doings,
and that our power lies not in our bodies but in our spirit.
In the fall of 98, researchers at the University of Buffalo reported
prostate cancer inhibition from virgin olive oils.
Eliminating animal products from the diet eliminates the female hormones
they are given, and therefore eliminates unnatural sexual stimulation.
While some women joke that men are nicer since consuming female hormones,
unnatural stimulation is a serious problem.
1. Gynecomastia is male breast growth from the animal hormones in meat
and dairy products. While many transsexuals seek this effect, for most
men it is a frightening situation, and can be eliminated by avoiding
the products which caused it. The Monsanto growth hormone opposed by
activists at the Mustard Seed and around the world is in our dairy products.
It adds breasts to men who do not want them and removes them by cancer
from women who do.
E2. Mr. Kanneganti has mentioned the plastics research around the world
in regards to the phenomenon of high density polyethylene. In
its production nonal phenols are released. When these nonal phenols
are consumed by fishes and animals, they mimic estrogen. Some fishes
have changed gender.
Ovarian tumors as well are caused by the female hormones in animal
WHLO, a Christian radio station, had a talk show guest on Sept 14th
who stated that the number l selling female hormone
in the U.S. is made from the urine of pregnant horses and has as its
byproducts blood clotting (and consequent strokes) , breast and uterine
Researcher Winnie Setohhas written that in Japan there was no word for
'hot flashes'
because this was a nonexistent situation until meat consumption increased
there. Magnesium, he said, present in green foods, is a desired nutrient.
National Public Radio held a live radio show at the Civic Theatre in
Akron in 1996. It was reported at this show that Akron male residents
have a lower sperm count than the national average. Factors in
raising sperm count are elimination of foods high on the insecticide
chain (meat, fish and dairy) , elimination of foods with female hormones
and elimination of foods with preservatives and additives of which the
average American eats 37 lbs. annually.
G. MENSTRUATION Some vegans and fruitarians experience amenarrhea or
lack of menstruation which does not affect their fertility. One theory
is that the diet creates fewer toxins and reduces the uterus' need
to eliminate them.
H. INCREASING SPERM COUNT NPR on July 21st reported a multi-nation study
which indicates sperm count averages dropping everywhere. Environmental
pollutants such as insecticide, arsenic, chromium, pcb's, mercury,
oil spills, are eliminating over half of the frogs in the world
and affecting humans too. The cessation of insecticide and herbicide
is one tool. Most significant is the elimination of high insecticide
foods (animal products) since a 1000 lb. animal has eaten 21,000 lbs.
of food before being goaded with electric shocking rods onto the
slaughterhouse conveyor belt. Many insecticides are nonbiodegradable
and are concentrated in the fat and muscle cells of the eaten animals.
Meat and fish have the highest insecticide
concentrations.. then dairy.. then vegetables. Least are in fruit,
whose trunk, roots, and stem filter out some from the fruit.
If one has the money and transporation, it is best also to buy organic
fruit, or to grow it in your back yard.
I. URINARY TRACT 1998 research at Rutgers has validated the centuries
old practice of clearing up urinary tract infections with cranberry and
blueberry juices.
NBC reported that every European Union country and 100 American
school systems have banned dairy products containing Monsanto's
growth hormone, because of suspected link to cancer. In one
of the worst growth hormone scenarios, children in Puerto
Rico as babies and infants developed sexual growth.
A. CONQUERING DEPENDENCE: Sexual and emotional dependence are a byproduct
of not loving oneself. As a soul becomes more and more confident of its
own spiritual beauty, it is no longer attracted to coldness in others
but to genuine love.
B. THE QUESTION OF PROSTITUTION: Someone who lived in a neighborhood
with several streetwalkers dreamt that a shy small female dog in heat
was being suffocated and ripped apart by many male dogs on top of her.
Perhaps this is a metaphor in which prostitutes, their clients, the mates
of their clients, the victims of muggings are all the losers through
the spread of disease, the weakening of a family unit, etc. Some argue
that prostitution is necessary in a society which has people who feel
that they are unattractive and have no other options. Eliminating
dietary hormones is only l factor in all the causes of prostitution.
Nevertheless the reduction of sexual urgency heals society.
Rape is a sexual dysfunction. It is a combination of anger and
excitation, both of which are factored into diet. Meat contains fright
and anger hormones secreted by terrorized animals during slaughter.
These long protein enzymes are broken to some extent by the heat of
cooking but most of the chain links remain intact so that the consumption
of animal flesh is the ingestion of biochemical anger, fright, and terror.
In addition, the female hormones given to cows, sheep, pigs, chickens
etc. stimulate the reproductive systems not only of the cows but of
those who eat their products. To eliminate animal products is
to reduce the rate of rape.
There are fewer rapists
in the vegetarian, vegan, and fruitarian population than in the
nonvegetarian population.
a. The butyric acid in animal products has a strong odor.
b. There is natural weight loss in non-animal diets for a form-conscious
shallow society.
Ce libacy is a cessation of sexual function, not only with another but
with oneself. In many religions it is considered a way to preserve energy
and to focus upon God. It comes naturally to any soul so balanced between
yin and yang, female and male, that he or she needs no completion from
Gandhi felt that his 20 hour days could in part be attributed to
the yogic belief that retained sexual energy travels up the spine to
energize the mind and the chi. Many athletic coaches also believe this,
asking their star athletes to be abstinent before a major performance.
Celibacy is dangerous if it does not proceed from spiritual love of
God. One evangelical author of a book on spiritual warfare, Mr. Murphy,
states that sexual repression is a cause of the commitment of many to
psychiatric wards.
Eliz abeth Conrey, teacher of vegetarian nutrition at Cornell, is interested
in hearing from vegetarians and vegans in regard to dietary influence
on women's reproductive cycles. ejc6@cornell.edu

Viagra footnote:
- Sildenafil Citrate is Generic Viagra No Prescription.

If a man's arteries are so clogged with animal fat and amyloid
plaque that he suffers impotence, please warn him that sildenafil citrate
in its generic and prescription forms can cause blindness,
stroke. It is dangerous to put a lot of pressure on a blocked pump

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