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Memory Of Silence And Sadistic Parametres (Iii) - Poem by Tunji Ibrahim

Memory of silence, arcana, depravity, violence, victimization, stigmatization, insecurity, sadistic parametres and/ or armament of destruction. From Africa to Asia, from Europe to America, our mothers, sisters and daughters are victims of violence, murder, mayhem, rape, mutilation, sexual slavery, forced abortion, sterilizations and mortification. War crime carries different words, but same definitions. And the patterns of justice and otherwise seem far different. Rapists are terrorists who kill, rape, desecrate and pillage at will. Agents of destruction of human dignity. Rape is a weapon of shame in and out of wartime. The rape of the women of Monte Cassino, the rape of Nanking massacre, the rape of Rwanda genocide, the rape of Cambodian genocide, the rape of the formal Yugoslavia genocide, the rape and mass rape of the kosovo-Albanian women, the systematic mass rape during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the rape of the siege of the Alamo, the rape of the Battle of Little Bighorn, the rape of Vietnam war, the rape of the Mexican-American war, the rape of the Battle of the Bulge, the sexual slavery of the Japanese during World War (II) , the rape of Ibo women in Nigeria-Biafra civil war, the rape of the Srebrenica massacre, the rape of Mayan women in the 36-year Guatemalan civil war, the mass rape in Minova during Democratic Republic of Congo civil war, the rape of Sierra Leone civil war, the rape of Ivory Coast civil unrest, the rape of Myanmar, the rape of Darfuri women in the Sudanese civil unrest, wartime sexual violence in Sri Lanka, Colombia, Nepal, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Israel and Palestine, Peru, El Salvador, East Timor... are but one gruesome example. Women's bodies on a large scale have become an unavoidable instrument of war, and impunity hitherto remains the rule of the game. Wartime rape is a serious crime according to international law and jurisprudence. Sexual violence is tantamount to genocide. Yet prevention and prosecution have for long been a rhetorical priority for the international community.

Comments about Memory Of Silence And Sadistic Parametres (Iii) by Tunji Ibrahim

  • Gold Star - 5,067 Points Unwritten Soul (2/18/2013 10:04:00 AM)

    Combination of words and thought in provocative work! _Soul (Report) Reply

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  • Gold Star - 56,415 Points Valsa George (2/12/2013 11:00:00 PM)

    War crimes and rapes in all horrendous dimensions! On experiencing them and reading about them, we are made to wonder where the world is heading to! 'Yet prevention and prosecution have for long been a rhetorical priority'! A very powerful write, Tunji! (Report) Reply

  • Veteran Poet - 1,298 Points Tarobinson1103@gmail.com Robinson (2/12/2013 5:45:00 PM)

    There is little incentive for the victors of war to prosecute their own kind for raping the women and children
    of the defeated and defenseless.
    As long as their are numerous nations and numerous agendas there will be war.
    Only by having one world government could you eliminate war.
    And I shudder to think of this world under one world rule. (Report) Reply

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