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  • 325.

    During my college days, I watched a movie named
    ‘Women against rape’. But, now I know someone,
    Bhanwari Devi from Rajasthan,
    A rape victim, still fighting…
    She was gang raped by Gurjar* men
    (In presence of her husband, tied up)
    When she tried to prevent them
    From marrying off a baby girl
    Who was just nine months old… Fifteen years passed …

    How can an upper caste man Rape a lower caste woman? ,
    A District Judge asked in 1995!
    Her medical examination happened after 52 long hours
    And the Police seized her ‘’LEHANGA’ - long skirt,
    As the only evidence late in that night! … Head down,
    She walked away, wearing her husbands long Turban…

    Her fight for Women empowerment continues and
    The Supreme Court issued guidelines that broadly
    Defined sexual harassment at the workplace and made it
    Mandatory for Corporations and business establishments…
    To have committees against sexual harassment.
    Child marriage rates reduced drastically in Rajasthan
    Police more vigilant in attending cases against rape now..
    Imagine, just a single woman could make all these,
    She deserves nationwide respect…

    Her family is ostracized everywhere…Her son is
    Continuously bullied by upper caste crooks…
    She has no income from her barren lands…
    Her only income source is a buffalo!
    O! God, please protect that animal
    From being poisoned by some ‘caste fanatic’…

    She is Bharat...
    She is mother Earth…
    Her ‘LEHANGA’ is our tainted nature…
    We have to………………..

    Gurjar* A caste in rajasthan read more »

  • 326.

    little child, come out and play
    come out and play, with daddy
    pretty child, my minds twisted in many ways
    come on out, daddy wants to play read more »

  • 327.
    The Rape Of Fair Nigeria

    all, ebony black.
    A slave of white chains,
    Now a freeborn.
    Unsure, she takes a step, read more »

  • 328.
    Embracing Father Abraham

    Father Abraham, lead us towards God's will
    Tell us which slaves to rape and which families to kill
    Descendent of Noah, born of an unholy cause
    Genocide is codified within your sacred laws read more »

  • 329.
    Roman Polanski: What is There to Debate? Whether Rape is Rape-Rape?

    I know he is great director.
    I know that he had great stresses in his life from childhood on.
    I know that he had won countless awards for his cinema, his ‘magic’ and his craft.
    I know that Roman Polanski is a statutory rape predator. read more »

  • 330.
    Survival Techniques

    Wearing black to lament the rate of rape in
    South Africa, I wear black to lament the lack
    of restraint in the media and to commemorate
    the sad death of Anene in the Western Cape read more »

  • 331.
    Red, the color of rape

    If rape was a color it would be red
    the definition of rape an red
    aren’t the same, doesn’t matter to me
    I told you to stop read more »

  • 332.
    Heart Soul and Mind

    you have vandalized my heart
    raped my soul
    and tortured my mind read more »

  • 333.
    Hold Your Zip

    In two, three and four
    They ganged up to begin their tour
    They ran after the poor lamb
    They took hold of the young lamb read more »

  • 334.
    Mays drunk dream

    why can't I feel you in and out of me. I see you in my head, I hear you breath in an sigh. My only question is why, why can't I feel the love that writes your face Why cant I feel the static between each kiss?

    And so I dip and weave the needle in my leg. Cut throat that's my mission. And plenty of other shit you can't even begin to in vision. read more »

  • 335.
    Rape The Rapist

    So bitter than the Heart can nurse
    Thousands of Sorry cannot stop the malady
    No Amount of Money can buy back from the lost or
    Amount of tears that will bath out the entire psychic trauma or read more »

  • 336.
    Voice Of A Raped Girl

    I was raped at eleven,
    Life became hell from heaven..

    I was alone. read more »

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