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Poems About: RAINBOW

In this page, poems on / about “rainbow” are listed.

  • 325.
    The magical water rainbow

    Far, deep in the jungle, do I travell,
    the mystery of the water rainbow I unravell,
    It looks beautiful; between the sunset orange and the dark red
    lies shiny brown lead; read more »

    Savio Vogt
  • 326.
    Mental Image

    Forty words:

    Salvation lies far over read more »

    Joyce Hemsley
  • 327.
    * * * Because Of

    Because of winds,
    Because of a rain rest,

    Because of a swallow... yet read more »

    Tsira Gogeshvili
  • 328.
    Was I Dreaming?

    Angels watched as I lay sleeping,
    Giving me pictures, I started dreaming,
    Then from high on heaven above,
    I started dreaming of a dove, read more »

    Cathryn Martin
  • 329.

    what i want
    will keep
    from being buried read more »

    r james sterzinger
  • 330.
    ///The Beauty

    Why the flower shower
    why the stars throw
    bouquets of smiles
    and quantum of lights read more »

    akram saqib
  • 331.

    your heart, love
    as the rainbow
    will fade away as the rain over
    as the arrow read more »

    magenta cyans
  • 332.


    The day before you looked to moon,
    The day before was dark blue dreams read more »

    Tsira Gogeshvili
  • 333.
    the green marine

    Colours and their mothers flow with one another today
    from the heart they came from and the brain that hasn't got a name,
    to crash and splash on my page, to pave my way
    to the rainbow lion spying on his milkyway. read more »

    john brennan
  • 334.

    Let me build a habitation
    In a span of the rainbow
    A rainbow spanning a valley
    Perhaps somewhere unknown. read more »

    Durlabh Singh
  • 335.
    Wonderful Colours

    syllables 2-4-6-8-10
    and return. read more »

    Joyce Hemsley
  • 336.
    Muse I

    Recognize your muse
    Among the multitude of whispers.

    To see her, through many colors, shining, read more »

    Dejan Stojanovic
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