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Rain Sestina - Poem by Ryan Brodesser

1.In shameful resignation the flower droops

2. Its proud head nodding in the pouring rain

3. And as the rain trickles along the green lush head

4. No birds, to sing the tales of green glory only grey

5. I wait, a stranger, alongside it, in company beside the lonely road

6. And feel the teardrops of nature and the wind

6. Lower your head, lower your head to the wind

1. Lower your head and let it droop.

5. Let the rain fall on you, and your company alongside the road

2. And let you head fall, as does the pouring rain

4. And let your pride bend, not break, in the sigh of the raging grey

3. Lower your head, lower your head

3. I raise my head

6. Then again, in misery it droops stung by the whispering wind

4. The clouds remain a sullen grey

1. My head and the flowers even lower droops

2. And as if in laughter, nature throwing even more rain

5. No bus has come, just me and the silent empty road.

5. A sound echoes along the empty road

3. Startled, hopeful, I raise my head.

2. It is hard to see through the rain

6. And hard to hear through the whispering lying wind

1. No, it is nothing, and my head once again droops

4. And my mood even darkens to a deeper grey.

4. I hear an engine and a car passes by me, it’s paint dirty and grey

5. Then, once more, I hear nothing and I see the empty road

1. Disappointed once again, my head droops

3. My umbrella wavers, exposing my head

6. As if trying to grab it, my umbrella is buffeted by the rude violent wind

2. And I am attacked by the cold, wet unfeeling rain

2. A half hour or so has passed, leaving me here to the mercy of the weather and rain

4. Soil silt and filth, moved by the torrents, leave a filthy colored dark grey

6. The trees shake underneath the assault and make the symphony composed by the wind

5. A sound of an engine comes along, my ride! At last riding over the cold damp road

3. Wearily I get up, and get my soaked backpack and lunch, smile, and raise my head.

1. And I noticed, to my satisfaction, my head nor the flowers head seemed to droop.

I am glad and warm out of the wind weather as my bus continues along the rain streaked road
And to have a ceiling that’s not grey over my head
And as the wind rattles the windows, I smile.
Hey, I unlike the flower, no longer need have my head drooped

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