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The Evolution-Tangled Mortality. - Poem by Ameed Taha

Truly full of wonder...

Truly full of wonder how ignorance has been infected into this age of developing, distracting us and dragging us away from the sources of knowledge and wisdom. We're not born with hate, grudges nor racism in our hearts; we're taught to hate due to the stupidest reasons we think are right. The age of developing lost consciousness, as it drives us away from the essence of life. We cry.. we cry, hate and drown in depression due to lacking agony; phantom-agony we create and cause it to affect fields of intelligence with poison of ignorance. We fall into unreal-delusions, as ignorance leads us to the belief of these illusions while they only snare us stunned. The age of developing has been eternally-cursed. Interactions of pleasure, stupidity and ignorance are leading us away from evolving into the new age. We let ourselves fall for an unneeded and a lacking agony which deserves no mourning. We become mindless and blind for pleasure as we defy evolving like we truly should.

Oh how ironically full of wonder..

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