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Poems About: PURPLE

In this page, poems on / about “purple” are listed.

  • 49.
    The Purple World

    If all of a peacock was purple
    It would be a star—
    No cerulean or evergreen—
    No place for read more »

    Robert Rorabeck
  • 50.

    All hail to the purple race
    That flutters from heaven
    And the space beyond.
    It is to bestow mercy read more »

    Janri Gogeshvili
  • 51.
    A Flower To Auroville Mother-42

    Wallich Geranium(Geranium wallichianum)
    Geranium Buxton Blue(Geranium wallichianum 'Buxton Blue')
    Roundleaf Geranium(Geranium rotundifolium)
    Small Geranium(Geranium pusillum) read more »

    Indira Renganathan
  • 52.
    Love Colours of Purple

    Within those thin air, there's molecules that interact
    Moving haphazardly, yet full of purposes
    Transmitting every meaningless little signals, with certain meanings
    To be discovered to whose it's meant to read more »

    Shemsi Elsani
  • 53.
    My Friend

    The crow, he's reminding me
    Of a rain coming, and yesterday,
    Yesterday, a whisper of a friend,
    Her favorite color, purple read more »

    C.J. Rose
  • 54.
    Purple Orchid

    Flower is dandelion but
    flying up in the dark night
    Flower is petunia but
    falling down when the dark night read more »

    Fitrah Irhamni Rachman
  • 55.
    No Spring Chicken

    Oh my lord,
    No spring chicken,
    How old can she be?
    I think she knew Truman, read more »

    Juan Olivarez
  • 56.
    The Crocus

    I saw a purple crocus today,
    Though it barely could be seen,
    While all around was white,
    And the landscape seemed to gleam. read more »

    Joseph T. Renaldi
  • 57.
    Color of Change

    Red is the color of passion
    the color of love
    the color of hate
    the color of anger read more »

    Athena Macknight
  • 58.
    Little Poem About Petunia

    Purple, as in flowers,
    Has an after image of blue
    Such that, spreading out from petunia,
    One has to check, read more »

    Jan Freundschuh
  • 59.
    Purple Meadow Flower

    For as far as the eyes could see
    Purple Meadow Flowers grow free
    Wifts of perfume lovely blooms
    Lifts the spirits chase the glooms read more »

    Philo Yan
  • 60.
    Crayola Marker

    Small fat and short
    Felt tip with purple unending
    Purple poison fills the page
    Small purple cap Crayola is its name read more »

    Crazy Vampire
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