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Poems About: PURPLE

In this page, poems on / about “purple” are listed.

  • 337.
    Madi Gras

    Madi Gras

    Three wise men followed the light
    From a star in the night, shinning bright read more »

    E.Marie AldrichCreasy
  • 338.
    Purple Heart and the Bagdad Five.

    Broken hearts when you went away
    Serve government and God they say
    Deploy to where they need control
    Weekly recon; daily patrol read more »

    P. A. Donohue
  • 339.
    CP- To Mader

    So one night it was dark and I couldn’t see,
    I picked up my phone no one to disagree.
    I was in possession of a beautiful phone,
    Even though the phone was of a girlie tone. read more »

    Coreena Dejesus
  • 340.
    World Of Moo 5.1.2009

    “Life Evolved on other planets would not necessarily bear
    any resemblance to humans.” p.110

    Took a voyage through Life, Space and read more »

    Margaret Alice
  • 341.
    The Smell of Purple is in the Air

    Late Spring, Early Summer

    Breeze Blowing Along with the light Misty Rain read more »

    Lorene Erwin
  • 342.
    April Two For NPM

    a prose poem
    a rose stinks it smells like the thorn bush surrounding it the petals make perfume they call it attar and they sell it expansively in the stores they have a purple bottle eye purchased one for ewe in secret and read more »

    Charles Hice
  • 343.
    So Many Colours

    Rainbows on my windowpanes,
    Each one a different scene;
    Pink, purple, yellow, green sheep;
    Red, orange, indigo, clouds; read more »

    Dream Land
  • 344.
    Astonishing And Astounding

    My aura is violet tapering off into a soft,
    rosy pink - the best explanation for what
    is happening, I think; without planning I
    browsed and found paper lined in violet, read more »

    Margaret Alice Second
  • 345.
    Notes from my Diary

    Sunday 19 August 2012

    No Hope for Me read more »

    Margaret Alice Second
  • 346.
    Illegal and Forbidden (2nd revision)

    Changed chameleon-like into my
    purple-pink office regalia - symbolised
    by fleece, blanket and flowers in pink,
    changed to blue by windscreen shade read more »

    Margaret Alice Second
  • 347.
    A Lovely Story

    Spring irises and french lilacs bloom in large fields.
    Orchid roses rise in hearts out of my mind when I think of love.

    My purple heart finds great joy in all things purple. read more »

    Catherine Novick
  • 348.
    SheLoves Purple

    Pheromones of Orion's Belt
    Suckle every toe like a sage
    Coco Chanel is now a concept
    Razor strap and a purple rabbit hole read more »

    Joseph Narusiewicz
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