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Poems About: PURPLE

In this page, poems on / about “purple” are listed.

  • 325.

    read more »

    Kristin McAfee
  • 326.

    A thing of such great beauty a lovely thing to see
    The purple flowers that in Spring bloom on the magnolia tree
    A memory to live on when other memories fade
    Only by Mother Nature such beauty can be made read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 327.
    Purple Rose (Poem 4 from Rose Series)

    A purple rose...a rare one.

    It might be rare,
    and it might be pretty... read more »

    Ninja Soul
  • 328.
    A Hero With A Purple Heart

    A Hero With A Purple Heart

    They say the war has long been over but yet I live it everyday read more »

    Gail Doyle
  • 329.
    Opium Poppy (edited january 2014)

    There is a poppy in the garden
    the first I've seen in years.
    Ten years ago they left...
    were they mourning for my love? read more »

    John Rickell
  • 330.
    Purple Dream Pt. II

    I have a reoccurring dream of what used to be
    Cloaked in purple, There you stood
    Doing for me all you could
    How you took away all of my stress read more »

    Gianni Vespucci
  • 331.
    Color Blind

    What color do you see
    or is it what you believe?

    I see a horse blue read more »

    Ben Gieske
  • 332.
    Colors of a Fallen World

    Purple pages of my heart
    Bruised to black by ink pen
    Frozen in an icy mist
    Cauterize my wounded soul read more »

    Jennifer Sollmann
  • 333.

    In the west over purple grey mountains a fiery
    gold globe burns down.

    Light purple shades rise up to cover all the gold. read more »

    Marjorie Christain
  • 334.
    Without The Chase

    August 31,2009

    Pink to blue, to yellow,
    to monstrous purple clouds looming on the horizon; read more »

    Monica O'Connor
  • 335.
    ' The Haze... '

    A Haze Of Hurt, Had Me Blue
    A Deep, Drenching, Melancholy Hue
    Cooled Ardor, Still Missing You
    As, A Sure-As-Azure, Wind Blew read more »

    MoonBee Canady
  • 336.
    that sandwich

    as you take that sandwich
    i remember 1971

    the ham, and mayonnaise read more »

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