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Poems About: PRIDE

In this page, poems on / about “pride” are listed.

  • 37.
    The Sin Of Pride

    “What is pride? ”
    “What makes you not.
    What makes you far.”
    Know yourself, your pride vanishes. read more »

  • 38.

    pride settles for many words
    words that stab back like the knives of the knaves
    shimmering and sharp and shaking
    pride flying without wings read more »

  • 39.

    If only people has no pride,
    Life would be so simple,
    No more ecstacy of trouble,
    No more place to tremble, read more »

    Susan T. Aparejo
  • 40.

    read more »

    Tyler Smith
  • 41.
    Indian Pride

    read more »

    shonda barnes
  • 42.

    Do not comfort me
    i would rather be
    Broken than to be
    Destroyed read more »

    Deci Hernandez
  • 43.

    Pride (Cinquain)

    Flying read more »

    Rajkumar Mukherjee
  • 44.
    Your Pride

    your star-light moment

    proove you got pride
    dont give it away read more »

    sapaya hernandez
  • 45.
    Lion's Pride

    The Lion, He sits upon the mountain.
    Watching over the pride, which is His joy.
    He shows no fear. read more »

    Ryan Lee Morris
  • 46.
    Pride Cometh Before the Fall

    Humility was discussing Pride with Heart:
    Heart had decided Pride was a great asset.
    Discretion chimed in with a hearty disagreement,
    “You roll in the pit with this swine! ” read more »

    Rachel Williams
  • 47.
    People Of This Town

    People of this town would once share the glory
    of standing beside the million people who were in misery.

    Afflicted people from the adjacent war ridden place read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 48.

    Many poems that I read, read badly toward pride,
    but as for me, I must adimt, I'm on prides side.
    I'm proud of all I am, and proud of all I do,
    If you wore this uniform, you would be proud too. read more »

    rico avila
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