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The Humbling / Parable Of 'Kentucky Lucky' - Poem by Macy Dvirnak

There once was a man,
Come from Kentucky.

He was the luckiest
Of the lucky.

He was better,
He was best.

He claimed to be higher
Than all the rest.

His favorite pastime
Was revelling in everything
He thought he knew.

Little did he relize,
He was about to recieve his due.

Nothing could happen to him!
He was The Elite.

But as he walked along,
He met a beggar in the street.

Said the beggar,
'A shekel, for a worthy cause? '

But Pride strutted by,
Without a pause.

Pride was a long way off,
When suddenly,
He ground to a stop.

For there stood the beggar,
Draped with downy wings,
And clad in robes of pure white!

Said foolish Pride,
'You are an angel,
And yet you asked of me,
A shekel? '

Then the angel replied,
'For a shekel, I did ask.
Just one little shekel,
'Twas all.'

'But you think it too humble a task.'

'Forget it!
A shekel, I do not need.'

'My Lord and God provides me all.'

As the angel turned to take leave,
Pride soon began to greive.

'Wait! ' cried Pride,
'Don't leave! '

'Come! '
'Eat! '

'Look! '
'I give you my all! '

Said the angel,
'Had you known
Who I really was
When I was poor,

You would not have turned me
From your door.'

'But - But, I! '...
Tried to reason Pride.

'Excuses', said the angel,
'Will not do you well,
Nor shall it justify your sin.'

'Now! , Look not upon earthly things,
But store up for yourslf teasures in Heaven.

'You can do this by serving God,
And not just looking out for yourself,
But by concerning yourself in the interests
of others.'

'But, Pride,
One thing you should remember above all' -

'Is that pride comes, before a fall.'

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