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Poems About: PREJUDICE

In this page, poems on / about “prejudice” are listed.

  • 229.
    To The Believers In Our Governments

    Do you really think the others
    are any less stupid than you?

    All history is prejudiced and gossipy, read more »

    Brian Taylor
  • 230.
    Life So Far

    For the last 19 years
    I've been told this and that about life
    For some of the last 19 years
    I've experienced the feeling of a rusty knife read more »

    Casper Skriver
  • 231.
    Lasting Tradition

    Shaking up many pre-conceived ideas as they fall before me, showing the truth as it is stated without any prejudice surrounding it.
    Taking life with itself and sharing it with whomever will embrace it.
    Closely entering suites of yesterday, brings it forward into any form of prose.
    As it enters and flows from within, never looking or searching for words, because they all flow out comfortably without any pressure. read more »

    RoseAnn V. Shawiak
  • 232.

    Magda is strange.
    She will easily abuse the rules of human decency
    Which is to say, the rules of human reason,
    And confute every evidence read more »

    Morgan Michaels
  • 233.

    Oh! How rude you mock
    At the option less individual
    How accursed is your domain,
    Why don’t you change nature? read more »

    Tanni Bose
  • 234.
    The Fort

    With a certain thought
    I built a mental fort
    And fortified it further
    With a deep, wide, moat. read more »

    Rajesh Thankappan
  • 235.
    theres a place

    There is a place of peace
    There is a place of joy
    A place away from loneliness
    A place away from pain read more »

    emmanuel wonighan
  • 236.

    She is not beautiful, but in her eyes
    No common spirit manifests itself,
    So mild, so gentle, so serenely wise, read more »

    Albert Pike
  • 237.
    Fabric of the Heart

    Threads entwined to hold in place
    Beautiful material of the human race
    Blinders faded into the furious wind
    Gone are the days of way back then. read more »

    Lisa Marie Mottert
  • 238.
    Warning Day

    Fanaticism, Hate, Murder
    They don't see existing here
    Have driven them to this land
    Where Prejudice alone read more »

    douglas scotney
  • 239.
    On Wishful Thinking

    Prejudice when wishful thinking mocks
    advancing voice or crystal image which
    unlocks outlook unfortunate or blocks
    desired solution grieving heart could stitch. read more »

    Jonathan ROBIN
  • 240.
    Love Will Save The World

    Put aside pride, put aside prejudice
    Put aside intention, put aside past
    Put aside distance, put aside difference
    And we got people who only need each other read more »

    maria sudibyo
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