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  • 13.
    If It Walks, Acts, Cracks, Like Duck…..

    Marion Barry wants to have an apology,
    For the term he was garnered by a videotape by feds,
    Barry had also spent time in jail for the reason he lit up,
    A music critic, Tim Page,
    For The Washington Post,
    saw his office e-mail release,
    But then spoke the truth about Barry,
    This was enough for this Pulitzer Prize winning sage.
    Apparently everyone in the Belt Way has to know about Barry’s success,
    Even though the point of political duress,

    For you say a political smoking crack and hanging around hookers,
    If you are white, (Euro-American) -so what’s the big deal?
    If black, (Afro-American) you are prejudiced beyond prejudice standards.
    In essence Marion hasn’t learned, about why,
    This claim to fame has not eluded him,
    Because Marion when are a politician,
    - you are always in the public eye.
    Marion has called for an official apology from the newspaper
    And for the firing of Page,
    Marion did not consider a liable suit because he has not,
    Marion will be voted a congressman again and again,
    But in the politically correct world for a split second Tim Page forgot.

    (11-14-2007) read more »

  • 14.
    "Common Sense"

    Normalcy is for you to judge, what is normal for one,
    Is abnormal for another, as there are no measurement guides,
    To the balance of judgment that, is to be your guide in,
    The philosophy of your lifetime, to use your "Common Sense"; read more »

  • 15.
    Are we really free?

    Freedom, a state of mind,
    Freedom, an illusion,
    Freedom, a nonsense of lunatic
    Until it is spiritual. read more »

  • 16.
    Keep space

    Keep space
    For any race
    To settle and live
    Revive and survive read more »

  • 17.
    Song of the Soul

    I sing a love song
    to the world
    to the world that suffers
    prejudice, hate and war. read more »

  • 18.

    I count to ten
    'till the next very second
    when my mind and heart
    collides with life's ideals. read more »

  • 19.
    Fragmentary Ending Of A Poem I

    To the kind powr who taught me how to sing
    Thus with the first of all wch he bestowd
    Did ancient piety approach the God. read more »

  • 20.

    Oh! why those narrow rules extol?
    These but restrain from ill,
    True virtue lies in strength of soul
    And energy of will. read more »

  • 21.
    The Little Moles

    When grasping tyranny offends,
    Or angry bigots frown;
    When rulers plot, for sefish ends,
    To keep the nations down;
    When statesmen form unholy league read more »

  • 22.

    How strangely blind is prejudice, the Negro's greatest foe!
    It never fails to see the wrong but naught of good can know. read more »

  • 23.
    i dont understand

    I dont understand
    why people try to be me
    why people cant trust me
    why people argue over nothing read more »

  • 24.
    The Hanging Tree....

    i took an axe
    and cut down the hanging tree...
    every blow a blow for
    human decency, equality, and freedom. read more »

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