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Poems About: PREJUDICE

In this page, poems on / about “prejudice” are listed.
  • 1.


    Slaves have prejudices
    Toughened with value read more »

    Karnail Singh Heirwale
  • 2.
    How Do We Deal With Prejudice?

    even those of us who've worked very hard
    at not being prejudiced, have some type of
    prejudice remaining. for example:
    it could be prejudice by color, over religion, read more »

    Eric Cockrell
  • 3.
    It's A Disease

    Prejudice is a disease.
    Unlike deadly viruses;
    West Nile and S.A.R.S
    Prejudice does not harm you. read more »

    Niru Raj
  • 4.
    A Human Disposition:

    Envious read more »

    Jonathan Maldonado
  • 5.


    .................Spirited, Tenacious read more »

    Shay B. Malden
  • 6.

    Rewrite of the classic Elvis hit, Hound Dog

    You ain't nothin' but a homophobe
    Prejudice accusin' and finger pointin' all the time read more »

    Ramona Thompson
  • 7.

    I am tired of all the prejudice in the world
    In the class room, at work, in the mall, on the road
    Teachers, moms, dads, kids, young, old, white, black
    It feels like getting shot in the back read more »

    Daniel Brown
  • 8.
    Broken Wings

    It is amidst pretense we live in;
    with a mask of words. read more »

    Rahimin Misnam
  • 9.
    Pains Of Predjudice

    I have experienced pain
    Undeserving and vivid pain
    Pains of rejection and pains prejudice
    Pain when my rights were wronged. read more »

    C. Albert Andrews
  • 10.

    applied ignorance,
    often worn under the mask read more »

    Eric Cockrell
  • 11.
    Three Worlds

    I see a world
    Where love exists
    The source
    Of everything read more »

    Paizli Palmrose
  • 12.

    Prejudice is the cause
    For the hatred and discriminate killings.
    Prejudice is the same cause
    For the passion and discriminate rsquings. read more »

    Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
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