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Doctor Solar And The Solar Panel Gang - Poem by Charles Hice

Doctor Solar and the Solar Panel Gang
a whirlyfritzerglomeratialsilverplater science fiction extravaganza
charlax poetry poem
Doctor Solar got the item on his web mail it was an extensive address with a caution use caution when approaching ISland in the Sea Ocean they have weapons even you might not be able to see or handle with all your powers of observation this is a tricky situation many ships at sea lost many planes fly into this Triangle and never return we found the area that is causing this the Solar panels of the gang. He changed into his costume by removing his glasses and replacing them his face became familiar the wrap around glasses shielded other humans from the effects of his radiation. His UNiform was purple and sometimes green even red like the old days depending on his surroundings he was almost a Chameleon now he could sneak into certain dangerous situations without waiting for the crowded room. He flew to the perimeter of the ISland. They had Turrets placed all around even underwater laser beams using power from Solar Panels stored the sun power and even his radiation suit would not be a match against these guns. He moved the rotating sun glasses into the back of his head so that he was blind and his uniform changed to another color in this way he approached the ISland underwater hoping the guns would not see him coming. It worked the LED lights of the SOlar Panels would not detect him at this range he was invisible to them. The airplanes that were missing were in rows on a beach shore none of them had been destroyed. He paused and twisted his sunglasses again and became a real man with Silver Hair and real glasses in a white lab coat and walked around the Hanger like he belonged there. The Guard was a Japanese Power Ranger and he looked mean. He stepped in front of the Doctor and looked grim. WHO are you how did you get inside this Hanger is off limits to the public. Doctor Solar only smiled back he was blind and walked with a cane. A visitor he finally said. They took him away to a holding tank a cell with only one door the way in was also the way out. He could hear them talking in the next room. This is what was said.
The SOlar Panel Gang met. there was about 35 people at this meeting since he did not see the people talking only the conversation has been recorded. WE call this meeting to bring attention our magnet beam must not be discovered. We hit the planes and ships with a magnetic power beam and drag them down to a landing using Solar Power gathered from our Solar Panels. WE sell the information of the technology soon there will be SOlar ISlands like this one in every communist Country. SOMEone go and check on our prisoner. NOW he was ready in a blue version of his uniform he grabbed the Power Ranger and they fought each other the way they have in the cartoons of fighting to a standstill. The Ranger said why are you doing this to us and Doctor Solar said you are the criminals to be brought to Justice in the namme of Democracy and with that he won the fight easily. He is really very strong in his Super Suit he has the strength of the Atom. He noticed all the dead birds outside and laying in the water near the beach he cried. WE will shut down this Solar Array Panel Island now. They went too far in the ecological minding the business of theft of other peoples property. ANd the UNited Nations is angry at the dead birds dying they think the Solar Panels is water ponds on the Island and they try to land to get a fresh water drink. He found the boats all in the dry dock on the other side of the Island hidden in the sand littered with dead burnt meat. TheN he released all the prisoners the pilots of the ships at Sea and Ocean and the Airplanes they had kept them in good health in holding cells built just like the one they had left the doctor in he had melted past the door into the hallway just before the Ranger had to fight him. And how is your week gentle reader ewe? This cartoon is now over. this has been the charlax poetry poem hour
Doctor Solar and the Solar Power Gang

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