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  • 349.
    The power

    The couple that had something unusual
    A power they shared that kept them as one
    Some called it love though it was stronger
    Through the trying times they clipped to it
    Even at death they looked not to be scared
    All they said was see you later to each other
    And there they slept with smiles of freedom
    We never discovered the power they shared

    He owned nothing but his small brown book
    His family had all vanished in an accident
    That was all that he had left, we all thought
    But he had something else that we knew not
    We thought him mad and threw stones at him
    All he said was father save these sons of yours
    Then he closed his eyes with his face held up high
    Never did we discover the power he held inside

    The children that always sung songs of praise
    Singing of the great power that we had never seen
    They all came from a childrens’ home near by
    Carried thankful and joyful faces like life was fare
    Like they had lost nothing and had all they wanted
    Their bus crushed as they travelled to a Church
    All we heard them say last was, they had gone home’
    It was that same power they too had and that day
    I too received it and it blesses my life each day read more »

  • 350.
    Words of Fire

    Words of Fire,
    Words of Power,
    With the force of a steam train,
    With the speed of a bullet, read more »

  • 351.


    The old man read my palm
    shook his head read more »

  • 352.
    I'm a man

    I'm a man
    clothed in mystic, power and structure
    labeled by the socialization
    after arrival read more »

  • 353.
    My Power

    In my mind I raced against time
    I smoked peyote with the Apache
    I chased Kangaroos
    Through the bush with the Aborigine read more »

  • 354.
    Today... 'Rabboni'

    'Why do you look for Jesus amongst the dead'
    These were the words the angels to Mary said
    Later in the garden she heard You call her name
    Then turning around 'Rabboni' came her refrain read more »

  • 355.
    Chronicles of A Mortal

    He was born to live, left in time and space;
    Born to shine like a mirror in the sunlight,
    He was born for diamonds and spades,
    Born to glow like full moon through the nights, read more »

  • 356.
    Super Natural Power..... What & Why! !

    Super Natural Power
    What a great power!
    What a great hero! read more »

  • 357.
    Secret Wrongs and Rites

    Things once sacred shattered
    We traded honor in for wealth
    Our moral codes are battered
    By the need for secret stealth read more »

  • 358.
    We The People

    We the people
    Declare us equal
    Vote for Vote
    That's what it wrote read more »

  • 359.
    How Can I

    How can I face the world?
    How can I face reality?
    Here and there runs by people with powers
    For power means a lot to them read more »

  • 360.
    Dark Powers

    The unforgiving powers known to little, has become alive once more.
    Now to take one’s lives who do not believe. read more »

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