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Poems About: POWER

In this page, poems on / about “power” are listed.

  • 229.
    Do You Know the Power That You Have?

    Just a glance from the corner, the wink of an eye
    an innocent brush as you try to squeeze by,
    The smell of your hair and the sound of your sigh, read more »

    Biff McGuire
  • 230.
    The power

    The couple that had something unusual
    A power they shared that kept them as one
    Some called it love though it was stronger
    Through the trying times they clipped to it read more »

    Caleb Tukahiirwa
  • 231.
    Words of Fire

    Words of Fire,
    Words of Power,
    With the force of a steam train,
    With the speed of a bullet, read more »

    Steven Reeve
  • 232.
    Dark Powers

    The unforgiving powers known to little, has become alive once more.
    Now to take one’s lives who do not believe. read more »

    Heather Hooper
  • 233.
    Kneel Before This Fictional Power

    Kneel before this fictional power,
    Bow to those whom stand above,
    the ones whom hover over us thinking were mere pigs wallowing in filth,
    While you eat as a king, remeber One day you shall be like us... read more »

    Crimson Love
  • 234.


    The old man read my palm
    shook his head read more »

    Burgess Needle
  • 235.
    I'm a man

    I'm a man
    clothed in mystic, power and structure
    labeled by the socialization
    after arrival read more »

    Paul Andrew Bourne
  • 236.
    My Power

    In my mind I raced against time
    I smoked peyote with the Apache
    I chased Kangaroos
    Through the bush with the Aborigine read more »

    Mekael Shane
  • 237.
    War Will

    The power elites thrive on war.
    They always have and always will.
    So what will be has been before,
    Ever an enemy to kill. read more »

    Ima Ryma
  • 238.
    Money and humanity..

    Thousands of years of life,
    In the small huts beside the rivers,
    The rain has no power,
    The wind has no power, read more »

    veeraiyah subbulakshmi
  • 239.
    Super Natural Power..... What & Why! !

    Super Natural Power
    What a great power!
    What a great hero! read more »

    Z.I. Mahmud
  • 240.
    The Man Attested

    There was a man who once attested
    That he would not ever be arrested,
    By any law that is enforced by brutality or force
    Their beliefs he would never support or endorse, read more »

    Randy McClave
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