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The Power Of Prayer When Applied To The Theory Of Relativity - Poem by Ted Sheridan

The old man had been channeling Albert for days
He had managed to make contact with him
while taking his morning constitution in the back
behind his custom built plywood paneled trailer
His wife's (actually his cousin's) garden was doing extremely well
The sweet corn was high and the beans were really coming in...
The old guy had been unable to sleep for weeks up till then
This one burning question kept eating at his psychic
and the old man thought only an Einstein would know
If when in a person's life there is a spiritual void
Will Evil then be all which can fill his heart?
Or was there power enough in prayer to save him?
The answer came as a shocker....
When Albert who had taken the liberty of enlisting some help
from six of the twelve Apostles...
Spoke to him late last night....The old man was
taking a piss on the rhubarb and collard greens
He claims it keeps the varmints from eating them greens
'Old man' the voices of the combined seven called....
Bartholomew acting as spokesperson for the group....
'Two protons stuck together have less mass than two single separate protons'
Perplexed the old guy scratched his head with his free hand and asked,
'What does this mean to me?
To which there was only the sound of dead silence
and that of his stream hitting the broad leaf of the rhubarb....

2007 © T Sheridan

Comments about The Power Of Prayer When Applied To The Theory Of Relativity by Ted Sheridan

  • Bronze Star - 2,088 Points Ravi A (5/7/2009 11:59:00 AM)

    The real spirit in us in pure and all goodness, bliss and knowledge but our gross nature doesn't allow us to see it. Gross nature is a combination of various drives, velocities of mind, quality of thought and awareness and this level has its own say in the identification of our real self. The metaphor can be the sun and the cloud. Becasuse of the presence of the cloud, we miss the beauty and illumination of the sun but the sun IS there. This is the truth. The thinner is the cloud, the more the presence of sun is felt. Likewise, the elvation of mind, the elevation of our awareness take us to more sublime thought, to a level of all round purity in life. Actually, what we term as evil is only one level of mind. The higher up and lesser is evil. Actually, goodness and badness are only relative terms. Sugar is bad for diabetics patients but not for others. So, what is the quality of sugar? Purely relative. Bad, good and better can be re-scaled as good, better and the best also. Vivekananda would say that there is nothing like badness. If I say that you are a bad man, you may resist but if I say that you are good, but be better, then, you will listen. Mental situation changes when we use a different scale. When we say evil, bad etc, they carry a negative sign but using a different scale, we can make the world to be more listening and here, improvisation is also possible. When we say that something is evil, we are only meaning that the situation is less conductive for life from our stand point. Otherwise, evil has practically no other meaning. (Report) Reply

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  • Gold Star - 25,215 Points Melvina Germain (6/30/2007 2:09:00 AM)

    If the old man has a spiritual void, he obviously realizes that spirituality is good not evil, therefore all he has to do is fill the void by talking to Jesus and asking him to come into his life. Simple, very basic actually, so I wonder why the old man didn't know that. As for the protons, not relavant. Excellent read Ted, very interesting.
    --Melvina-- (Report) Reply

  • Rookie - 7 Points Ivan Donn Carswell (6/26/2007 12:35:00 AM)

    Ted, I never knew that the sound of dead silence was a stream of piss hitting a rhubarb leaf - but I'll take your inspired word on it. My spirits are raised by the simplicity of this answer. Rgds, Ivan (Report) Reply

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