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Wallace: Book Vi - Poem by Blind Hary

Than passit was wtas off Feuiryher
And part off Marche off rycht degestioune.
Apperyd than the last moneth off Wer,
The syng off somir with his suet sessoun.
Be that Wallace off Dundaff maid him boune,
His leyff he tuk and to Gilbank can fair.
The rewmour rais throuch Scotland vp and doun,
With Inglismen, that Wallace leiffand war.

In Aperill, quhen cleithit is but weyne
The abill ground be wyrking off natur,
And woddis has won thar worthy weid off greyne;
Quhen Nympheus, in beldyn off his bour
With oyle and balm fullfillit off suet odour,
Faunis maceris, as thai war wount to gang,
Walkyn thar cours in euiry casuall hour
To glaid the huntar with thar merye sang-

In this samyn tyme to him approchit new
His lusty payne, the quhilk I spak off ayr.
Be luffis cas he thocht for to persew
In Laynryk toune and thiddir he can fayr;
At residence a quhill ramaynit thair
In hyr presence as I said off befor.
Thocht Inglismen was grewyt at his repayr,
Yeit he desyrd the thing that sat him sor.

The feyr off wer rewllyt him on sic wis
He likit weyll with that gudlye to be.
Quhill wald he think off danger for to rys
And othir quhill out of hir presens fle:
'To ces off wer it war the best for me.
Thus wyn I nocht bot sadnes on all syde.
Sall neuir man thus cowartys in me Se!
To wer I will for chance that may betyd!

Qwhat is this luff? It is bot gret myschance,
That me wald bryng fra armes wtterly.
I will nocht los my worschip for plesance.
In wer I think my tyme till occupy.
Yeit hyr to luff I will nocht lat forthy.
Mor sall I desyr hyr frendschip to reserue
Fra this day furth than euir befor did I,
In fer off wer quhethir I leiff or sterue'.

Qwhat suld I say? Wallace was playnly set
To luff hyr best in all this warld so wid,
Thinkand he suld off his desyr to get;
And so befell be concord In a tid
That scho was maid at his commaund to bid,
And thus began the styntyn off this stryff,
Begynnyng band with graith witnes besyd.
Myn auctor sais scho was his rychtwys wyff.

Now leiff in pees, now leiff in gud concord,
Now leyff in blys, now leiff in haill plesance,
For scho be chos has bath hyr luff and lord;
He thinkis als luff did him hye awance,
So ewynly held be fauour the ballance,
Sen he at will may lap hyr in his armys.
Scho thankit god off hir fre happy chance,
For in his tyme he was the flour off armys.

Fortoun him schawit hyr fygowrt, doubill face.
Feyll sys or than he had beyne set abuff;
In presoune now, delyuerit now throw grace;
Now at vnes, now in-to rest and ruff;
Now weyll at wyll weyldand his plesand luff,
As thocht him selff out off aduersite;
Desyring ay his manheid for to pruff,
In curage set apon the stagis hye.

The werray treuth I can nocht graithly tell
In-to this lyff how lang at thai had beyne;
Throuch naturall cours off generacioune befell
A child was chewyt thir twa luffaris betuene,
Quhilk gudly was, a maydyn brycht and schene.
So forthyr furth be ewyn tyme off hyr age
A squier Schaw, as that full weyll was seyne,
This lyflat man hyr gat in mariage.

Rycht gudly men come off this lady ying.
Forthyr as now off hyr I spek no mar.
Bot Wallace furth in-till his wer can ryng;
He mycht nocht ces, gret curage so him bar.
Sotheroun to sla for dreid he wald nocht spar,
And thai oft sys feill causis till him wrocht,
Fra that tyme furth quhilk mowit hym fer mar,
That neuir in warld out of his mynd was brocht.

Now leiff thi myrth, now leiff thi haill plesance,
Now leiff thi blis, now leiff thi childis age,
Now leiff thi youth, now folow thi hard chance,
Now leyff thi lust, now leiff thi mariage.
Now leiff thi luff, for thow sall los a gage
Quhilk neuir in erd sall be redemyt agayne.
Folow fortoun and all hir fers owtrage.
Go leiff in wer, go leiff in cruell payne.

Fy on fortoun, fy on thi frewall quheyll,
Fy on thi traist, for her it has no lest.
Thow transfigowryt Wallace out off his weill
Quhen he traistyt for till haiff lestyt best.
His plesance her till him was bot a gest.
Throw thi fers cours that has na hap to ho
Him thow our-threw out off his likand rest,
Fra get plesance in wer, trawaill and wo.

Quhat is fortune? Quha dryffis the dett so fast?
We wait thar is bathe weill and wykit chance,
Bot this fals warld with mony doubill cast,
In it is nocht bot werray wariance.
It is nothing till hewynly gowernance.
Than pray we all to the makar abow,
Quhilk has in hand off iustry the ballance,
That he vs grant off his der lestand lowe.

Her-off as now forthyr I spek no mar,
Bot to my purpos schortly will I fayr.

Tuelff hundreth yer tharto nynte and sewyn
Fra Cryst wes born the rychtwis king off hewyn,
Wilyham Wallace in-to gud liking gais
In Laynrik toun amang his mortaill fais.
The Inglismen that euir fals has beyne,
With Hesilryg quhilk cruell was and keyn
And Robert Thorn a felloune sutell knycht,
Has founde the way be quhat meyn best thai mycht,
How that thai suld mak contrar to Wallace:
Be argument, as he come vpon cace
On fra the kyrk that was without the toun,
Quhill thar power mycht be in harnes boun.
Schyr Ihon the Grayme, bathe hardy, wys and trew,
To Laynrik come gud Wallace to persew
Off his weyllfayr, as he full oft had seyne.
Gud men he had in cumpany xv
And Wallace ix, thai war na feris ma.
Wpon the morn wnto the mes thai ga,
Thai and thar men graithit in gudly greyn;
For the sesson sic oys full lang has beyne.
Quhen sadly thai had said thar deuocioune,
Ane argwnde thaim as thai went throuch the toun,
The starkast man that Hesylryg than knew,
And als he had off lychly wordis ynew.
He salust thaim as it war bot in scorn:
'Dewgar, gud day, bone senyhour and gud morn.'
'Quhom scornys thow?,' quod Wallace. 'Quha lerd the?'
'Quhy, schir', he said, 'come yhe nocht new our se?
Pardown me than, for I wend ye had beyne
Ane Inbasset to bryng ane wncouth queyne.'
Wallace ansuerd, 'Sic pardoune as we haiff
In oys to gyff thi part thow sall nocht craiff.'
'Sen ye ar Scottis yeit salust sall ye be-
Gud deyn, dawch Lard, bach lowch, banyoch a de.'
Ma Sotheroune men to thaim assemblit ner.
Wallace as than was laith to mak a ster.
Ane maid a scrip and tyt at his lang suorde.
'Hald still thi hand,' quod he, 'and spek thi word.'
'With thi lang suerd thow makis mekill bost'.
'Tharoff,' quod he, 'thi deme maid litill cost'.
'Quhat caus has thow to wer that gudlye greyne?'
'My maist caus is bot for to mak the teyne'.
'Quhat suld a Scot do with so fair a knyff?'
'Sa said the prest that last Ianglyt thi wyff.
That woman lang has tillit him so fair
Quhill that his child worthit to be thine ayr.'
'Me think', quod he, 'thow drywys me to scorn.'
'Thi deme has beyne Iapyt or thow was born'.
The power than assemblyt thaim about,
Twa hundreth men that stalwart war and stout.
The Scottis saw thar power was cummand,
Schir Robert Thorn and Hesilryg at hand,
The multitude wyth wappynnys burnist beyne.
The worthi Scottis, quhilk cruell was and keyne,
Amang Sotherone sic dyntis gaiff that tyd
Quhill blud on breid byrstyt fra woundis wyd.
Wallace in stour wes cruelly fechtand.
Fra a Sotheroune he smat off the rycht hand,
And quhen that carle off fechtyng mycht no mar
With the left hand in Ire held a buklar;
Than fra the stowmpe the blud out spurgyt fast,
In Wallace face aboundandlye can out cast.
In-to gret part it merryt off his sicht.
Schyr Ihone the Grayme a straik has tayne him rycht
With hys gud suerd vpon the Sotherone Syr,
Derffly to ded draiff him in-to that Ire.
The perell was rycht awfull, hard and strang.
The stour enduryt merwalusly and lang.
The Inglismen gaderit fellone fast.
The worthi Scottis the gait left at the last.
Quhen thai had slayne and woundyt mony man,
Till Wallace In the gaynest way thai can
Thai passit swne, defendand tham richt weill,
He and schir Ihone with suerdis stiff of steill
Behind thar men, quhill thai the yett had tayne.
The woman than, quhilk was full will off wayne,
The perell saw with fellone noyis and dyne,
Gat wp the yett and leit thaim entir In.
Throuch till a strenth thai passit off that steid.
L Sotheroun vpon the gait wes dede.
This fair woman did besines and hir mycht
The Inglismen to tary with a slycht,
Quhill that Wallace on to the wood wes past.
Than Cartlane craggis thai persewit full fast.
Quhen Sotheroun saw that chapyt wes Wallace
Agayne thai turnyt, the woman tuk on cace,
Put hir to dede, I can nocht tell yow how.
Off sic mater I may nocht tary now.
Quhar gret dulle is bot rademyng agayne
Newyn off it is bot ekyng off payne.
A trew woman, had seruit hir full lang,
Out off the toun the gaynest way can gang,
Till Wallace tald how all this deid was done.
The paynfull wo socht till his hart full sone;
War nocht for schayme he had socht to the ground
For bytter baill that in his breyst was bound.
Schir Ihone the Grayme, bath wys, gentill and fre,
Gret murnynge maid that pete was to se,
And als the laiff that was assemblit thar
For pur sorou wepyt with hart full sar.
Quhen Wallace feld thar curage was so small
He fenyeit him for to comfort thaim all.
'Ces men', he said, 'this is a butlas payne.
We can nocht now chewys hyr lyff agayne'.
Wnes a word he mycht bryng out for teyne.
The bailfull teris bryst braithly fra his eyne.
Sichand he said, 'Sall neuir man me se
Rest in-till eys quhill this deid wrokyn be,
The saklace slauchtyr off hir blith and brycht.
That I awow to the makar off mycht,
That off that nacioune I sall neuir forber
Yhong nor ald that abill is to wer.
Preystis no wemen I think nocht for to sla
In my defaut, bot thai me causing ma.
Schir Ihon', he said, 'lat all this murnyng be,
And for hir saik thar sall x M de.
Quhar men may weipe thar curage is the les;
It slakis Ire off wrang thai suld radres.'
Off thar complaynt as now I say no mar.
Gud Awchinlek off Gilbank, duelyt thar,
Quhen he hard tell off Wallace wexacioune,
To Cartlane wood with x men maid him boune.
Wallace he fand sum-part with-in the nycht.
To Laynryk toun in all haist thai thaim dycht;
The wache off thaim as than had litill heid;
Partyt thar men and diuers gatis yeid.
Schir Ihone the Grayme and his gud cumpany
To schir Robert off Thorn full fast thai hy.
Wallace and his to Hesilrige sone past
In a heich hous quhar he was slepand fast,
Straik at the dure with his fute hardely
Quhill bar and brais in the flair he gart ly.
The schirreff criyt, 'Quha makis that gret deray?'
'Wallace', he said, 'that thow has socht all day.
The womannis dede, will god, thow sall der by'.
Hesilrige thocht it was na tyme to ly,
Out off that hous full fayne he wald haiff beyne.
The nycht was myrk yeit Wallace has him seyne,
Freschly him straik as he come in gret Ire,
Apon the heid birstit throuch bayne and lyr.
The scherand suerd glaid till his coler bayne.
Out our the stayr amang thaim is he gayne.
Gude Awchinlek trowit nocht that he was dede,
Thrys with a knyff stekit him in that stede.
The scry about rais rudly on the streyt;
Feyll off the layff war fulyeit wndir feyt.
Yong Hesilryg and wicht Wallace is met;
A sekyr strak Wilyham has on him set,
Derffly to dede off the stair dang him doun.
Mony thai slew that nycht in Laynrik toune,
Sum grecis lap and sum stekit with-in.
A-ferd thai war with hidwis noyis and dyne.
Schir Ihone the Grayme had set the hous in fyr
Quhar Robert Thorn was brynt wp bayne and lyr.
Xii scor thai slew that wes off Ingland born.
Wemen thai lewit and preistis on the morn
To pas thar way, off blys and gudis bar,
And swor that thai agayne suld cum no mar.
Quhen Scottis hard thir fyne tithingis off new
Out off all part to Wallace fast thai drew,
Plenyst the toun quhilk was thar heretage.
Thus Wallace straiff agayne that gret barnage.
Sa he begane with strenth and stalwart hand
To chewys agayne sum rowmys off Scotland.
The worthy Scottis that semblit till him thar
Chesit him for cheyff, thar chyftayne and ledar.
Amer Wallang, a suttell terand knycht,
In Bothwell duelt, king Eduuardis man full rycht.
Murray was out, thocht he was rychtwys lord
Off all that land, as trew men will racord;
In-till Aran he was duelland that tyd,
And othir ma, in this land durst nocht bide.
Bot this fals knycht, in Bothwell wonnand was,
A man he gert sone to king Eduuard pas
And tald him haill off Wallace ordinance,
How he had put his pepill to myschance
And playnly was ryssyn agayne to ryng.
Grewit tharat rycht gretly wes the king.
Throuch all Ingland he gart his doaris cry,
Power to get, and said he wald planly
In Scotland pas that rewme to statut new.
Feill men off wer till him full fast thai drew.
The queyne feld weill how that his purpos was.
Till him scho went, on kneis syne can him as
He wald resist and nocht in Scotland gang;
He suld haiff dreid to wyrk so felloune wrang:
'Crystyne thai ar, yone is thar heretage.
To reyff that croune, that is a gret owtrage.'
For hyr consaill at hayme he wald nocht byde.
His lordis hym set in Scotland for to ryde.
A Scottis man, than duellyt with Eduuard,
Quhen he hard tell that Wallace tuk sic part
He staw fra thaim als preuale as he may.
In-to Scotland he come apon a day.
Sekand Wallace he maid him reddy boune.
This Scot was born at Kyle in Rycardtoune.
All Ingland cost he knew it wondyr weill,
Fra Hull about to Brysto euirilkdeill,
Fra Carleill throuch Sandwich that ryoll stede,
Fra Douer our on to Sanct Beis hede.
In Pykearte and Flandrys he hade beyne,
All Normonde and Frans haill he had seyne;
A pursiwant till king Eduuard in wer
Bot he couth neuir gar him his armes ber.
Off gret statur and sum-part gray wes he.
The Inglismen cald him bot Grymmysbe.
To Wallace come and in-to Kile him fand.
He tald him haill the tithandis off Ingland.
Thai turnyt his name fra tyme that thai him knew
And cald him Iop; off Ingen he wes trew,
In all his tyme gud seruice in him fand,
Gaiff him to ber the armes off Scotland.
Wallace agayne in Cliddisdaill sone raid
And his power semblit with-outyn baid.
He gart commaund, quha that his pees wald tak,
A fre remyt he suld ger to thaim mak
For alkyn deid that thai had doyne beforn.
The Perseys pees and schir Ranaldis wes worn.
Feill till him drew that bauldly durst abid
Off Wallace kyn fra mony diuers sid.
Schir Ranald than send him his power haill;
Him selff durst nocht be knawine in battaill
Agayne Sotheroun, for he had made a band
Lang tyme befor to hald off thaim his land.
Adam Wallace past out off Ricardtoun,
And Robert Boid with gud men of renoun.
Off Cunyngayme and Kille come men off waill,
To Laynrik socht on hors, a thousand haill;
Schyr Ihone the Grayme and his gud chewalre,
Schir Ihone off Tynto with men that he mycht be,
Gud Awchinlek that Wallace wncle was-
Mony trew Scot with that chyftayne couth pas:
Thre thousand haill off likly men in wer
And feill on fute quhilk wantyt hors and ger.
The tyme be this was cummand apon hand,
The awfull ost with Eduuard off Ingland
To Beggar come, with sexte thousand men
In wer wedis that cruell war to ken.
Thai playntyt thar feild with tentis and pailyonis,
Quhar claryowns blew full mony mychty sonis;
Plenyst that place with gud wictaill and wyne,
In cartis brocht thar purwiance dewyne.
The awfull king gert twa harroldis be brocht,
Gaiff thaim commaund in all the haist thai mocht
To charge Wallace, that he sulde cum him till
Witht-out promys and put him in his will:
'Be-caus we wait he is a gentill man,
Cum in my grace and I sall saiff him than.
As for his lyff I will apon me tak,
And efftir this gyff he couth seruice mak,
He sall haiff wage that may him weill suffice.
That Rebald wenys, for he has done supprice
To my pepill oft apon awentur.
Agaynys me he may nocht lang endur.
To this proffyr gaynstandand giff he be,
Her I awow he sall be hyngyt hye.
A yong squier, was brothir to Fehew,
He thocht he wald dysgysit to persew
Wallace to se, that tuk so hie a part.
Born sistir sone he was to king Eduuart.
A cot off armes he tuk on him but baid.
With the harroldis full prewaly he raid
To Tynto hill with-outyn residens,
Quhar Wallace lay with his folk at defence.
A likly ost as off so few thai fand.
Till hym thai socht and wald no langar stand:
'Gyff ye be he that rewllis all this thing,
Credence we haiff brocht fra our worthi king'.
Than Wallace gert thre knychtis till him call,
Syne red the wryt in presens off thaim all.
To thaim he said, 'Ansuer ye sall nocht craiff.
Be wryt or word, quhilk likis yow best till haiff?'
'In wryt', thai said, 'it war the liklyast'.
Than Wallace thus began to dyt in hast:
'Thow reyffar king chargis me throw cas
That I suld cum and put me in thi grace.
Gyff I gaynstand thow hechtis till hyng me.
I wow to God and euir I may tak the
Thow sall be hangyt, ane exempill to geiff
To kingis off reyff als lang as I may leiff.
Thow profferis me thi wage for till haiff.
I the defy, power and all the laiff
At helpis the her off thi fals nacioun.
Will god thow sall be put off this regioune,
Or de tharfor, contrar thocht thow had suorn.
Thow sall ws se or ix houris to-morn
Battaill to gyff magra off all thi kyn,
For falsly thow sekis our rewme with-in.'
This wryt he gaiff to the harraldis but mar
And gud reward he gart delyuir thaim thar.
Bot Iop knew weyll the squier yong Fehew
And tald Wallace, for he was euir trew.
Than he command that thai suld sone thaim tak.
Him selff began a sair cusyng to mak.
'Squier', he said, 'sen thow has fenyeit armys,
On the sall fall the fyrst part off thir harmys,
Sampill to geyff till all thi fals nacioune'.
Apon the hill he gert thaim set him downe,
Straik off his hed or thai wald forthyr go;
To the herrold said syne with-outyn ho,
'For thow art fals till armys and maynsuorn
Throuch thi chokkis thi tong sall be out schorn'.
Quhen that was doyne than to the thrid said he,
'Armys till iuge thow sall neuir graithly se'.
He gert a smyth with his turkas rycht thar
Pow out his eyne, syne gaiff thaim leiff to far:
'To your fals king thi falow sall the leid.
With my ansuer turs him his newois heid.
Thus sar I drede thi king and all his bost'.
His dum falow led hym on to thar ost.
Quhen king Eduuard his herroldis thus has seyne
In propyr Ire he wox ner wode for teyne,
That he nocht wyst on quhat wis him to wreke.
For sorow almaist a word he mycht nocht spek.
A lang quhill he stud wrythand in a rage.
On loud he said, 'This is a fell owtrage.
This deid to Scottis full der it sall be bocht.
Sa dispitfull in warld was neuir wrocht.
Off this regioun I think nocht for to gang
Quhill tyme that I sall se that Rybald hang'.
Lat I him thus in-till his sorow duell.
Off thai gud Scottis schortly I will yow tell.
Furth fra his men than Wallace rakit rycht.
Till him he cald schir Ihon Tynto the knycht,
And leit him witt to wesy him selff wald ga
The Inglis ost, and bad him tell na ma,
Quhat euir thai speryt, quhill that he come agayne.
Wallace dysgysit thus bownyt our the playne.
Betwix Cultir and Bygar as he past
He was sone war quhar a werk-man come fast,
Dryfande a mere and pychars had to sell.
'Gud freynd', he said, 'in treuth will thow me tell
With this chaffar quhar passis thow treuly?'
'Till ony, schir, quha likis for to by.
It is my crafft and I wald sell thaim fayne'.
'I will thaim by, sa god me saiff fra payne.
Quhat price lat her. I will tak thaim ilkayne'.
'Bot half a mark, for sic prys haiff I tayne'.
'Xxty schillingis', Wallace said, 'thow sall haiff.
I will haiff mer, pychars and als the laiff.
Thi gowne and hois in haist thow put off syne
And mak a chang, for I sall geyff the myne,
And thi ald hud becaus it is thred-bar'.
The man wend weyll that he had scornyt him thar.
'Do tary nocht, it is suth I the say'.
The man kest off his febill weid off gray,
And Wallace his and payit siluir in hand.
'Pas on', he said, 'thou art a proud merchand'.
The gown and hois in clay that claggit was,
The hude heklyt, and maid him for to pas.
The qwhipe he tuk, syne furth the mar can call.
Atour a bray the omast pot gert fall,
Brak on the ground; the man lewch at his fair,
'Bot thow be war thow tynys off thi chaiffair'.
The sone be than was passit out off sicht,
The day our went and cummyn was the nycht.
Amang Sotheroun full besyly he past.
On athir side his eyne he gan to cast
Quhar lordis lay and had thar lugeyng maid,
The kingis palyone quhar-on the libardis baid;
Spyand full fast quhar his awaill suld be
And couth weyll luk and wynk with the ta E.
Sum scornyt him, sum 'gleid carll' cald him thar;
Agrewit thai war for thar herroldis mysfayr.
Sum sperd at him how he sald off the best.
'For xl pens', he said, 'quhill thai may lest'.
Sum brak a pott, sum pyrlit at his E.
Wallace fled out and prewale leit thaim be.
On till his ost agayne he past full rycht.
His men be than had tane Tynto the knycht.
Schyr Ihon the Grayme gert bynd him wondyr fast,
For he wyst weill he was with Wallace last.
Sum bad byrn him, sum hang him in a cord.
Thai swor that he had dissawit thar lord.
Wallace be this was entryt thaim amang.
Till him he yeid and wald nocht tary lang,
Syne he gart lous him off thai bandis new
And said he was baith suffer, wys and trew.
To souper sone thai bound but mar abaid.
He tald to thaim quhat merket he had maid
And how at he the Sotheroun saw full weill.
Schyr Ihon the Grayme displessit was sumdeill
And said till him, 'Nocht chyftaynlik it was
Throw wilfulnes in sic perell to pas'.
Wallace ansuerd, 'Or we wyn Scotland fre
Bath ye and I in mar perell mon be,
And mony othir the quhilk full worthi is.
Now off a thing we do sumpart amys,
A litill slepe I wald fayne that we had,
With yone men syne luk how we may ws glaid.'
The worthi Scottis tuk gud rest quhill ner day.
Than rais thai wp; till ray sone ordand thai.
The hill thai left and till a playne is gayne.
Wallace him selff the wantgard he has tayne.
With him was Boid and Awchinlek but dreid,
With a thousand off worthi men in weid.
Als mony syne in the mydwart put he.
Schir Ihone the Grayme he gert thar ledar be,
With him Adam young lord off Ricardtoun
And Someruaill a squier off renoun.
The thrid thousand in the rerward he dycht,
Till Waltir gaiff off Newbyggyn the knycht,
With him Tynto that douchty wes in deid
And Daui son off schir Waltir, to leid.
Behynd thaim ner the fute-men gert he be
And bade thaim bid quhill thai thar tyme mycht Se:
'Ye want wapynnys and harnes in this tid;
The fyrst cowntir ye may nocht weill abid'.
Wallace gert sone the chyftaynis till him call.
This charge he gaiff, for chance that mycht befall:
'Till tak no heid to ger nor off pylage,
For thai will fle as wod folk in a rage.
Wyne fyrst the men, the gud syne ye may haiff.
Than tak na tent off cowatys to craiff.
Throuch cowatys sum losis gud and lyff.
I commaund yow forber sic in our stryff.
Luk that ye saiff na lord, capteyne nor knycht.
For worschipe wyrk and for our eldris rycht.
God blys ws that may we in sic wiage
Put thir fals folk out off our heretage'.
Than thai inclynd all with a gudly will;
His playne commaund thai hecht for to fulfill.
On the gret ost thir partice fast can draw.
Cumand to thaim out off the south thai saw
Thre hundreth men in-till thar armour cler,
The gaynest way to thaim approchit ner.
Wallace said sone thai war na Inglismen,
'For by this ost the gatis weyll thai ken.'
Thom Haliday, thai men he gydyt rycht;
Off Anaddyrdaill he had thaim led that nycht,
His twa gud sonnis, Ihonstoun and Rudyrfurd.
Wallace was blyth fra he had hard thar wourd,
So was the laiff off his gud chewalry.
Jarden thar come in-till thar cumpany,
And Kyrk-patrik, befor in Esdaill was.
A weyng thai war in Wallace ost to pas.
The Inglis wach, that nycht had beyne on steir,
Drew to thar ost rycht as the day can per.
Wallace knew weill, for he befor had seyne
The kingis palyon quhar it was buskit beyne.
Than with ryth hors the Scottis befor thaim raid.
The fyrst cowntir so gret abaysing maid
That all the ost was stunyst off that sicht.
Full mony ane derffly to ded was dicht,
Feill off thaim was as than out off aray;
The mair haiste and awfull was the fray.
The noyis rouschit throuch strakis that thai dang,
The rewmour rais so rudly thaim amang
That all the ost was than in poynt to fle.
The wys lordis fra thai the perell se,
The fellone fray all rasyt wes about
And how thar king stud in so mekill dout,
Till his palyone full mony thousand socht
Him to reskew be ony way thai mocht.
The Erll off Kent that nycht walkand had beyne
With v thousand off men in armour cleyne;
About the king full sodandly thai gang,
And traistis weill the sailye wes rycht strang.
All Wallace folk in wys off wer was gud,
In-to the stour syne lychtyt quhar thai stud.
Quham euir thai hyt na harnes mycht thaim stynt
Fra thai on fute semblit with suerdis dynt.
Off manheid thai in hartis cruell was,
Thai thocht to wyn or neuir thine to pas.
Feill Inglismen befor the king thai slew.
Schir Ihon the Grayme come with his power new.
Amang the ost with the mydwart he raid.
Gret martyrdome on Sotheroun men thai maid.
The rerward than set on sa hardely,
With Newbyggyn and all the chewalry.
Palyone rapys thai cuttyt in-to sowndyr,
Borne to the ground and mony smoryt wndir.
The fute-men come the quhilk I spak off ayr,
On frayt folk set strakis sad and sayr.
Thocht thai befor wantyt bath hors and ger,
Anewch thai gat, quhat thai wald waill to wer.
The Scottis power than all to-gyddir war.
The kingis palyon brymly doun thai bar.
The Erll off Kent with a gud ax in hand
In-to the stour full stoutly couth he stand,
Befor the king makand full gret debait.
Quha best did than he had the heast stait.
The felloune stour so stalwart was and strang,
Thar-to contened merwalusly and lang.
Wallace him saw, full sadly couth persew
And at a straik that cheiff chyftayne he slew.
The Sotheron folk fled fast and durst nocht byd,
Horssit thar king and off the feild couth ride,
Agaynis his will, for he was laith to fle.
In-to that tyme he rocht nocht for to de.
Off his best men iiii thousand thar was dede
Or he couth fynd to fle and leiff that stede.
Twenty thousand with him fled in a staill.
The Scottis gat hors and folowit that battaill.
Throuch Cultir hope or tyme thai wan the hycht
Feill Sotheroun folk was merryt in thar mycht,
Slayne be the gait as thar king fled away.
Bathe fair and brycht and rycht cler was the day,
The sone ryssyn schynand our hill and daill.
Than Wallace kest quhat was his grettest waill.
The fleand folk that off the feild fyrst past
In-to thar king agayne releiffit fast.
Fra athir sid so mony semblit thar
That Wallace wald lat folow thaim no mar;
Befor he raid, gart his folk turn agayne.
Off Inglismen vii thousand thar was slayne.
Than Wallace ost agayne to Beggar raid
Quhar Inglismen gret purwians had maid.
The Iowalre as it was thiddir led,
Palyonnis and all, thai leiffit quhen thai fled.
The Scottis gat gold, gud, ger and othir wage.
Relewyt thai war at partit that pilage.
To meit thai went with myrthis and plesance.
Thai sparyt nocht king Eduuardis purweance.
With solace syne a litill sleyp thai ta.
A prewa wach he gert amang thaim ga.
Twa kukis fell, thair lyffis for to saiff,
With dede corssys that lay wnputt in graiff.
Quhen thai saw weyll the Scottis war at rest
Out off the feild to steill thaim thocht it best.
Full law thai crap quhill thai war out off sicht,
Eftir the ost syne rane in all thar mycht.
Quhen that the Scottis had slepyt bot a quhill,
Than rais thai wp, for Wallace dredyt gyll.
He said to thaim, 'The Sotherone may persewe
Agayne to ws, for thai ar folk enew.
Quhar Inglismen prowisioune makis in wer
It is full hard to do thaim mekill der.
On this playne feild we will thaim nocht abid.
To sum gud strenth my purpos is to ryd.'
The purweance that left was in that stede
To Ropis bog he gert serwandis it lede,
With ordinance at Sothroun brocht it thar.
He with the ost to Dawis schaw can far
And thar Ramaynede a gret space off the day.
Off Inglismen yeit sum thing will I say.
As king Eduuart throuch Cultir hoppis socht,
Quhen he persawit the Scottis folowed nocht,
In Ihonnys greyne he gert the ost ly still.
Feill fleand folk assemblit sone him till.
Quhen thai war met the king ner worthit mad
For his der kyn that he thar lossyt had.
His twa Emys in-to the feild was slayne,
His secund sone that mekill was off mayne.
His brothir Hew was kelyt thar full cald.
The Erll off Kent, that cruell berne and bald,
With gret worschip tuk ded befor the king.
For him he murnyt als lang as he mycht ryng.
At this semlay as thai in sorow stand,
The twa kukis come sone in at his hand
And tald till him how thai enchapyt war:
'The Scottis all as swyne lyis dronkyn thar
Off our wicht wyne ye gert ws thiddir led.
Full weill we may be wengit off thar ded.
A-payne our lywis it is suth that we tell.
Raturne agayne, ye sall fynd thaim your sell.'
He blamyt thaim and said na witt it was
That he agayne for sic a taill suld pas:
'Thar chyftayne is rycht merwalus in wer.
Fra sic perell he can full weill thaim ber.
To sek him mar as now I will nocht ryd.
Our meit is lost, tharfor we may nocht byd.'
The hardy duk off Longcastell and lord,
'Souerane,' he said, 'till our consaill concord.
Gyff this be trew ye haiff the mar awaill.
We may thaim wyne and mak bot licht trawaill.
War yon folk ded quha may agayne ws stand?
Than neid we nocht for meit to leiff the land.'
The king ansuerd, 'I will nocht rid agayne.
As at this tyme my purpos is in playne.
The duk said, 'Schir, gyff ye contermyt be,
To mowff yow mor It afferis nocht for me.
Command power agayne with me to wend
And I off this sall se a finaill end.'
X thousand haill he chargyt for to ryd.
'Her in this strenth all nycht I sall yow bid.
We may get meit off bestiall in this land.
Gud drynk as now we can nocht bryng to hand.'
Off Westmorland the lord had mett him thar.
On with the duk he graithit him to fair.
At the fyrst straik with thaim he had nocht beyne.
With him he led a thousand weill beseyne.
A Pykart lord was with a thousand bowne.
Off king Edward he kepyt Calys toun.
This xii thousand on to the feild can fair.
The ii captans sone mett thaim at Beggair
With the haill stuff off Roxburch and Berweike.
Schir Rawff Gray saw at thai war Sotheron leik;
Out off the south approchit to thar sicht.
He knew full weill with thaim it was nocht rycht.
Amer Wallange with his power come als,
King Eduuardis man, a tyrand knycht and fals.
Quhen thai war mett thai fand nocht ellis thar
Bot dede corsis, and thai war spulyeit bar.
Than merueld thai quhar at the Scottis suld be;
Off thaim about perance thai couth nocht se,
Bot Spyis thaim tald, that come with schir Amar,
In Dawis schaw thai saw thaim mak repar.
The fers Sotheroun sone passit to that place.
The wach wes war and tald it to Wallace.
He warnd the ost out off that wood to ryd.
In Roppis bog he purpost for to byd.
A litill schaw wpon the ta syd was
That men on fute mycht off the bog out pas.
Thar hors thai left in-to that litill hauld;
On fute thai thocht the mos that thai suld hauld.
The Inglis ost had weill thar passage seyne
And folowed fast with cruell men and keyne.
Thai trowit that bog mycht mak thaim litill waill,
Growyn our with reys and all the sward was haill.
On thaim to ryd thai ordand in gret Ire.
Off the formest a thousand in the myre
Off hors with men was plungyt in the deipe.
The Scottis men tuk off thar cummyng kepe,
Apon thaim set with strakis sad and sar.
Yeid Nane away off all that entrit thar.
Lycht men on fute apon thaim derffly dang.
Feill wndyr hors was smoryt in that thrang,
Stampyt in mos and with rud hors ourgayne.
The worthy Scottis the dry land than has tayne,
Apon the laiff fechtand full wondyr fast,
And mony groyme thai maid full sar agast.
Than Inglismen, that besy was in wer,
Assailyeit sar thaim fra the mos to ber
On athir syd, bot than it was no but.
The strenth thai held rycht awfully on fut,
Till men and hors gaiff mony grewous wound.
Feyll to the dede thai stekit in that stound.
The Pykart lord assailyeit scharply thar
Vpon the Grayme with strakis sad and sar.
Schir Ihone the Grayme with a staff suerd off steill
His brycht byrneis he persyt euirilkdeill,
Throuch all the stuff, and stekit him in that sted.
Thus off his dynt the bauld Pykart is ded.
The Inglis ost tuk playne purpos to fle.
In that turnyng the Scottis gert mony de.
Wallace wald fayne at the Wallang haiff beyne.
Off Westmorland the lord was thaim betweyne;
Wallace on him he set ane awfull dynt,
Throuch basnet stuff that na steill mycht it stynt.
Derffly to dede he left him in that place.
The fals knycht thus eschapit throuch this cace.
And Robert Boid, has with a captayne mett
Off Berweik, than a sad straik on him set
Awkwart the crag and kerwyt the pissane,
Throuch all his weid in sondyr straik the bane.
Feill horssyt men fled fast and durst nocht byd.
Raboytit ewill on to thar king thai rid.
The duk him tald off all thar Iornay haill.
His hart for Ire bolnyt for byttir baill.
Haill he hecht he suld neuyr London se
On Wallace deid quhill he Rawengit be,
Or los his men agayne as he did ayr.
Thus socht he south with gret sorou and cair,
At the Byrkhill a litill tary maid,
Syne throuch the land but rest our Sulway raid.
The Scottis ost a nycht ramanyt still.
Apon the morn thai spulyete with gud will
The dede corssis, syne couth to Braid wood fayr;
At a consaill iii dayis soiornyt thar.
At Forest kyrk a metyng ordand he.
Thai chesd Wallace Scottis wardand to be,
Traistand he suld thar paynfull sorow ces.
He rasawyt all that wald cum till his pes.
Schir Wilyham come that lord off Douglas was,
Forsuk Eduuard, at Wallace pes can ass.
In thar thrillage he wald no langer be.
Trewbut befor till Ingland payit he.
In-contrar Scottis with thaim he neuir raid.
Fer bettir cher Wallace tharfor him maid.
Thus tretyt he and cheryst wondyr fair
Trew Scottis men that fewte maid him thar,
And gaiff gretly feill gudis at he wan.
He warnd it nocht til na gud Scottis man.
Quha wald rebell and gang contrar the rycht
He punyst sar, war he squier or knycht.
Thus merwalusly gud Wallas tuk on hand.
Lykly he was, rycht fair and weill farrand,
Mandly and stout and tharto rycht liberall,
Plesand and wis in all gud gouernall.
To sla forsuth Sotheroun he sparyt nocht.
To Scottismen full gret profyt he wrocht.
In-to the south sone efftir passit he;
As him best thocht he rewllyt that contre.
Schirrais he maid that cruell was to ken
And captans als off wis trew Scottis men.
Fra Gamlis peth the land obeyt him haill
Til Vr wattir, bath strenth, forest and daill.
Agaynis him in Galloway hous was nayne
Except Wigtoun byggyt off lyme and stayne.
That Captayne hard the reullis off Wallace;
Away be sey he staw out off that place,
Lewyt all waist and couth in Ingland wend.
Bot Wallace sone a kepar till it send,
A gud squier and to nayme he was cald
Adam Gordone, as the storie me tald.
A strenth thar was on the wattir off Cre,
With-in a roch, rycht stalwart, wrocht off tre;
A gait befor, mycht no man to It wyn
But the consent off thaim that duelt with-In.
On the bak sid a Roch and wattir was.
A strait entre forsuth it was to pas.
To wesy it Wallace him selff sone went.
Fra he it saw he kest in his entent;
To wyn that hauld he has chosyne a gait
That thai with-in suld mak litill debait.
His power haill he gert bid out off sicht,
Bot iii with him, qwhill tyme that it was nycht.
Than tuk he twa, quhen that the nycht was dym,
Stewyn off Irland and Kerle that couth clyme,
The wattir wndir, and clame the Roch so strang.
Thus entir thai the Sothrone men amang.
The wach befor tuk na tent to that syd.
Thir iii in feyr sone to the port thai glid.
Gud Wallace than straik the portar him sell;
Dede our the Roch in-to the dik he fell;
Leit doun the brig and blew his horne on hycht.
The buschement brak and come in all thar mycht,
At thar awne will sone entrit in that place.
Till Inglismen thai did ful litill grace.
Sexty thai slew; in that hauld was no ma
Bot ane ald preist and sympill wemen twa.
Gret purweance was in that Roch to spend.
Wallace baid still quhill it was at ane end,
Brak doune the strenth, bath bryg and bulwark all.
Out our the Roch thai gert the temyr fall,
Wndid the gait and wald no langar bid.
In Carrik syne thai bownyt thaim to rid,
Haistit thaim nocht bot sobyrly couth fair
Till Towrnbery: that Captane was off Ayr
With lord Persie, to tak his consaill haill.
Wallace purpoisit that place for to assaill.
Ane woman tauld quhen the capitane was gane.
Gude men of fence into the steid was nane.
Thay fillit the dyke with eird and tymmer haill,
Syne fyrd the yett; na succour mycht awaill.
A prest thar was and gentill wemen with-In
Quhilk for the fyr maid hiddewis noyis and dyn.
'Mercy,' thai cryit, 'for him that deit on tre.'
Wallace gert slaik the fyr and leit thaim be.
To mak defens na ma was lewyt thar.
He thaim commaund out off the land to far,
Spulyeit the place and spilt all at thai mocht.
Apon the morn in Cumno sone thai socht,
To Laynrik syne and set a tyme off ayr.
Mysdoaris feill he gert be punyst thar.
To gud trew men he gaiff full mekill wage,
His brothir sone put to his heretage;
To the Blakcrag in Cumno past agayne,
His houshauld set with men off mekill mayn.
Thre monethis thar he duellyt in gud rest.
Suttell Sotheroune fand weill it was the best
Trewis to tak for till enchew a chans.
To furthir this thai send for knycht Wallans.
Bothwell yeit that tratour kepyt still,
And Ayr all haill was at the Perseis will.
The byschope Beik in Glaskow duellyt thar
Throucht gret supple of the captayne off Ayr.
Erll off Stamffurd, was chanslar off Ingland,
With schir Amar this trawaill tuk on hand,
To procur pes be ony maner off cace.
A saiff condyt thai purchest off Wallace.
In Ruglen kyrk the tryst than haiff thai set,
A promes maid to meit Wallace but let.
The day of this approchit wondyr fast.
The gret chanslar and Amar thiddir past,
Syne Wallace come and his men weill beseyn,
With him fyfty arayit all in greyne.
Ilkane off thaim a bow and arrowis bar
And lang suerdis the quhilk full sharply schar.
In-to the kyrk he gert a preyst rawes,
With humyll mynd rycht mekly hard a mes.
Syn wp he rais and till ane alter went
And his gud men full cruell off entent.
In Ir he grew that traitour quhen he sawe.
The Inglismen off his face stud gret aw.
Witt reullyt him that he did no owtrage.
The Erlle beheld fast till his hye curage,
Forthocht sum-part that he come to that place,
Gretlye abaysit for the vult off his face.
Schir Amer said, 'This spech ye mon begyne.
He will nocht bow to na part off your kyn.
Sufferyt ye ar, I trow yhe may spek weill.
For all Ingland he will nocht brek adeyll
His saiff cwndyt, or quhar he makis a band.'
The chanslar than approfferit him his hand.
Wallace stud still and couth na handis ta.
Frendschipe to thaim na liknes wald he ma.
Schir Amar said, 'Wallace, yhe wndyrstand
This is a lord and chanslar off Ingland.
To salus him ye may be propyr skill.'
With schort awys he maid ansuer him till,
'Sic salusyng I oys till Inglismen,
Sa sall he haiff, quhar euir I may him ken
At my power, that god I mak awow,
Out off souerance gyff that I had him now!
Bot for thi liff and all his land so braid
I will nocht brek this promes that is maid.
I had leuir at myn awn will haiff the
With-out cundyt, that I mycht wrokyne be
Off thi fals deid thou dois in this regioune,
Than off pur gold a kingis gret ransoune.
Bot for my band as now I will lat be.
Chanslar, schaw furth quhat ye desyr of me'.
The chanslar said, 'The most caus of this thing,
To procur pees I am send fra our king
With the great seill and woice off hys parliament.
Quhat I bynd her oure barnage sall consent'.
Wallace ansuerd, 'Our litill mendis we haiff
Syne off oure rycht ye occupy the laiff.
Quytcleyme our land and we sall nocht deny.'
The chanslar said, 'Off na sic charge haiff I.
We will gyff gold or oure purpos suld faill.'
Than Wallace said, 'In waist is that trawaill.
Be fauour gold we ask nayne off your kyn.
In wer off you we tak that we may wyn'.
Abaissid he was to mak ansuer agayne.
Wallace said, 'Schir, we Iangill nocht in wayne.
My consell gyffis, I will na fabill mak,
As for a yer a finaill pes to tak:
Nocht for my selff that I bynd to your seill,
I can nocht trow that euir yhe will be leill,
Bot for pur folk, gretlye has beyne supprisyt,
I will tak pees quhill forthir we be awisit.'
Than band thai thus, thar suld be no debait,
Castell and towne suld stand in that ilk stait
Fra that day furth quhill a yer war at end,
Sellyt this pes and tuk thar leyff to wend.
Wallace fra thine passit in-to the west,
Maid playne repair quhar so him likit best.
Yeit sar he dred or thai suld him dissaiff.
This endentour to schir Ranald he gaiff,
His der wncle, quhar it mycht kepit be.
In Cumno syne till his duellyng went he.

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