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Poems About: POWER

In this page, poems on / about “power” are listed.

  • 109.
    No Greater Lust

    In those who desire to become leaders the ego is quite strong
    And sad to say there is nothing worse than an ego that's gone wrong
    Those who abuse their privilege of power are those with an ego out of control
    For there is nothing darker than darkness of the soul read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 110.
    I Believe In the Power

    I believe in the power of you.
    As the rain falls upon us and
    everyone else scatters. read more »

    Cleo A. Fletcher
  • 111.
    Developping An Island

    The flowing water providing power supply via all over island last day without rain many people desire current failure presently many country using nucleic power for supply current specially we can call to them world power of command country India china and Japan using this nucleic sources for rescue from darkness although may be the nucleic power not suitable an island.otherwise proper system is water power for further.but India and china will agree to giving this power for using our nation. read more »

    inguruwatta pushpadewa
  • 112.
    Bear Claw

    The Bear Claw.
    I find everything in my life as a obstacle.
    But what can I do to be able to pass it.
    I must have power and prayer in my soul. read more »

    anteaus berryhill
  • 113.
    Power Rangers Porno Thunder

    Power Rangers score!

    There's a red light in the distance read more »

    Ramona Thompson
  • 114.

    We all live in a world where materialism is over powering
    People not caring about how much money they are wasting on foolish items
    We all live in a world where materialism is over powering
    The economy is declining but no one seems to care read more »

    Emmerald Little
  • 115.

    The lowest of the low
    Turn to rape

    Animal like insanity read more »

    Arti Chopra
  • 116.
    Power of Power

    read more »

    Austin Duran
  • 117.
    The Lust For Power

    The lust for power consumes men
    Blinds the mind and pollutes reason
    Diverts good purposes and then
    Corrupts the character's condition. read more »

    Cynthia BuhainBaello
  • 118.

    Think of the power of the sun
    It shines so brightly on everyone
    It gives us heat, energy and light
    But one dark cloud positioned just right read more »

    Theresa Quinn
  • 119.

    Faith is believing,
    Seeing what is really to exist,
    Faith is like a Power, read more »

    Maxim Muyu
  • 120.
    RUSSIA! ! ! !

    Russia has power
    The power to build a tower
    They will never cower
    At the site of a bigger tower read more »

    puby mannheimer
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