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Poems About: POVERTY

In this page, poems on / about “poverty” are listed.

  • 373.
    I No Longer Wish To Change The World

    The thoughts of changing the World I no longer entertain
    The dreams I had of peace on Earth with me did not remain
    For famines, wars and terrorism it does seem are with us forever more
    I want to be a better person now just that and nothing more. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 374.
    Poetical Intentions

    Poetical Intentions
    Poetical Intentions
    There was once an American dream
    A house a job and a car or three with a cat in the yard read more »

    Charles Hice
  • 375.
    The Poet

    He once walked the streets of Dublin wearing shabby pants and coat
    And nowadays many critics claim him to be Ireland's greatest poet
    He died in eighteen forty nine of malnutrition we are told
    At a young age for a man to die just forty six years old. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 376.
    Lady Luck Tonight Could Smile On Me

    We only live to see the better day
    And good times may not be too far away
    I may live on the verge of poverty
    But lady luck tonight could smile on me. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 377.
    Who Do These People Think They Are

    Who do these people think they are they take far more than they give?
    They rule the World through their Bureaucracies and they tell us how to live
    The tycoons of the twenty first century their financial nest egg grow and grow
    In a World where millions live in poverty of poverty they do not wish to know. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 378.
    Another Olympic Games For The Wealthy Only

    Another Olympic games for the wealthy only doesn't life seem so unfair
    In the Athens Olympic Stadium there won't be many there
    Who live on a low income or struggle to get by on welfare
    And who should win the medals why should I even care? read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 379.
    If madness was consumed by sanity

    if madness was consumed by sanity,
    would ward rounds be necessary.
    if anarchy was disolved by harmony,
    would the upholders of the law, read more »

    Not Long Left
  • 380.

    As poverty struck the lands,
    The people crying out,
    How life is so devastating,
    For money they only catch trout. read more »

    Viraj Bhanshaly
  • 381.
    Mother of Civilization

    Her voice calm like a
    Meditation of life's many troubled
    All day's in demonstration unharm
    Mother of civilization saying "people from read more »

    Henry Tolliver
  • 382.

    A man works hard, as if
    To remove poverty in the world,
    He donates several dollars off and on for it, and
    He gazes then struts with puzzling, read more »

    I.B.S. Sipi, M.D.
  • 383.
    From Poverty To a Throne

    I held on to my dreams and sanity
    Even when kindness was never shown
    Because I had a feeling deep down in my bones
    That God can take anyone from poverty to a Throne. read more »

    Mary Bowman
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